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~~Cosmetics and Skin Care~~

Please scroll down to view home party and direct sales companies that offer consultant opportunities selling Cosmetics and Skin Care Products or simply click on the Company name below to go to that specific company ad.   If you would like additional information on an opportunity, please contact the rep listed for that company.  Thank you!!



bma.jpg (1279 bytes) Hot Mess Cosmetics

Description: Hi! My name is Marie Lefler and I'm excited to announce my new business with Hot Mess Cosmetics! Get your foundation, lipstick/lip gloss, eyeshadows/pigments, eyeliner, mascara and more! Feel free to share this with everyone! This fabulous makeup is the quality of MAC, Lancome...and any line you can find in Sephora, but for SO MUCH LESS! As a Hot Mess Consultant you will be joining a BRAND NEW company that is bringing department store quality makeup to others. I've tried many brands and my sister even sells Mary Kay, but I could never find something that worked for me and after doing parties and seeing how everyone else LOVES it...I COULDN'T PASS IT UP!!! I make 20% from all my sales and your customers get the party price online when they sign up for a free account. And I also get my own personal products for 30% off! And that is already off these incredible prices! 95% of our products are $20 or less! That includes that foundation, the amazing high quality brushes and more! Our eye pigments (loose powder) lasts for years and they retail for $30, but we sell ours for only $10!!! With being the first consultant in your area with Hot Mess you get to build your business and bring these amazing products and prices to your customers. Sell them at parties, online, people come to your own home and try the products out, OR if you own a salon or other place of business...why not have these products to sell? Contact me with any questions: marielefler@hmcosmetics.com OR go online and sign up today! https://www.hmcosmetics.com/index.php/consultant.html Make sure you choose me, MARIE LEFLER, as your consultant you want to sign up under. I have been doing direct sales for years and I have THE strongest team in Hot Mess and we are all about training and helping our consultants to be the best! Join our team today!
To place makeup order go here:
create a free account as a customer
type my name as your consultant: Marie Lefler
Start Up Cost: Only $99 and above (contact me for starter kit details)

For More Information, Please Contact:
Marie Lefler, Founding Consultant
Email Address:

Website Address:

Facebook Page:
**Ad Expires 7-16-14

bma.jpg (1279 bytes)Nerium International

Description: Real Science, Real Results. Nerium International offers break through age-defying technology giving Brand Partners a unique opportunity to sell a one-of-a-kind skin treatment product. Currently only 100,000 reps you can get in and have the incredible opportunity to grow with a company that made 100 million in their first year! Contact me to start your new career and change your life while impacting others!
Start Up Cost:

For More Information, Please Contact:
Jamie Clausing - Brand Partner
Email Address:
Website Address:
Phone Number:
**Ad Expires 6-6-15

bma.jpg (1279 bytes) Phuse Beauty

Description: Be Your Own Bossy Pants for a NEW Professional Beauty Company!


Do you love beauty products? Does the idea of a quiet dryer that helps add shine to your hair make you feel giddy? Can you never have enough makeup brushes?


Are you looking to be your own boss and/or earn additional income for vacations, college, new car, wedding, handbag collection or clothes (hello, we all have needs)?


If you answered yes to one of the above Phuse Beauty could be for you!


While Phuse Beauty is new to the world of beauty; the team behind Phuse is not.  With over 30 plus years in the professional beauty industry (yes, we are talking about coveted stylists’ secrets, tricks of the trade and stuff we really can’t put in print), Phuse is ready to share what we know (don’t worry no experience needed) and have you rock our products… products that have no competition (not that we don’t love competition, but we are the first).


Bread, Beauty & Brains

(Not really bread, Money, Cash, Currency…)


Earn up to 35% on your retail customers’ purchases & generous bonuses as you grow your business

Three ways to sell:

                Home Party (woo hoo)


                Up-Close & Personal (one-on-one)


So Flexible… the role is defined by you and your lifestyle.  Share beauty and have a beautiful life.


Training & support comes with being an Independent Phuse Beauty Glam Consultant. We provide an online office that has tools and training to help you succeed.  We also believe in direct communication, call or email—we talk back.


So if you want to be the FIRST in your area, you want to look and feel better, and you want to make money, learn more today!


For More Information, Please Contact:
Phuse Beauty
Website Address:
Check Us Out… We don’t mind <3
Email Address:
Phone Number:

**Ad Expires 7-1-15

bma.jpg (1279 bytes)Younique

Description: Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate and ultimately help build the self-esteem of women around the world. Through high-quality products that encourage these core values - along with spiritual enlightenment - we're enabling opportunities for personal growth and financial reward to women everywhere. We are the first direct-sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media. Our pioneered Younique Virtual Parties bridge the huge world of social media and the traditional home-party business model. A Younique Virtual Party has no limits to your reach or who you can invite. This makes it so the traditional home party is not even necessary unless you choose to do it. Younique is all-natural and gluten-free (except Rose Water). With less than 5000 consultants, now is the time to join! You can purchase a kit valued over $300 for only $99. Until we reach 10,000 consultants, you also get 10 months of a personalized website for FREE! You also get a Younique debit card and get paid your commission daily! Our Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes are by far our biggest seller! Where else can you naturally enhance your eyelashes by 300%?!
Start Up Cost: You can purchase a kit valued over $300 for only $99.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Tanya Goossen, Independent Consultant
Email Address:
Website Address:

**Ad Expires 11-25-14


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