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~~Cosmetics and Skin Care~~

Please scroll down to view home party and direct sales companies that offer consultant opportunities selling Cosmetics and Skin Care Products or simply click on the Company name below to go to that specific company ad.   If you would like additional information on an opportunity, please contact the rep listed for that company.  Thank you!!



bma.jpg (1279 bytes)Acti-Labs

Description: Acti-Labs offers high quality, luxurious French cosmeceuticals that include skincare, body care, cosmetics, haircare, wraps, weight management and more…. all at AFFORDABLE prices! Acti-Labs is currently taking the UK by storm and is LAUNCHING SOON in the U.S. on March 31, 2016 and then Canada later in 2016.

Start Up Cost:
Brow Wax, Duo Eye Shadow, Diamond Dust, High Pigment Lip Gloss, Le Joli Crayon, Skyscraper, Small Makeup Bag, Blending Bud, Makeup Brush Set, Eye & Lip Contour, MesoDerm 50ml, Marine Collagen Body Lotion, Lipo Wrap Kit Plus, Thermo Slimming Gel, Head Band, 3 Sample Pots, Kit Case, 5 Catalogues.

Brow Wax, Duo Eye Shadow, Diamond Dust, High Pigment Lip Gloss, 3D Corrector 20ml, Hydra-Slim, Makeup Brush Set, Joli Crayon, Lip Stain, Head Band, Kit Case, 5 Catalogues, Small Makeup Bag, Blending Bud, Phyto Body Lotion.

Brow Wax, Eye Shadow, Diamond Dust, High Pigment Lip Gloss, 3D Corrector 20ml, Hydra-Slim, Makeup Brush Set, 5 Catalogues, Head Band, Blending Bud, Phyto Body Lotion.

Powder Blush On Translucent Pressed Powder, Skyscraper Mascara, Le Joli Crayon, Duo Eye Shadow, Small Makeup Bag, Blending Bud, 5 Catalogues.


Imagine what it would be like to join a NEW company on their LAUNCH DAY?? Now THIS is your opportunity! Let’s start this amazing journey together! I would be honored to have you a part of our Acti-DreamTeam! Let’s chat….

For more information, please contact:
Teresa Vallentine

803-682-5211 EST
Acti-Dream Team Group Page

**Ad Expires 3-18-17

bma.jpg (1279 bytes) Ink'd Up Nails

Description: Ink'd Up Nails! The newest and hottest trend in custom nail art! Ink’d Up Nails uses a patented formula that allows you to easily transfer beautiful designs to your nails in minutes, with

-no wraps or decals
-no sizing
-no heat
-no filing

Our transfers are non-toxic, vegan and pet-friendly, made in the USA and can be used on natural or artificial nails. And the design possibilities are truly endless! Choose from our designs or customize your own! You can even transfer a photo onto your nails!
Start Up Cost: $79.99

For More Information, Please Contact:
Shannon Fligg, Founding Stylist
Email Address:
Website Address:

**Ad Expires 11-2-17

bma.jpg (1279 bytes)INSPIRA, a more beautiful life.

Description: Have you ever heard about the most powerful antioxidant in the world? ASTAXANTHIN. Our unique age-defying system NOVAXANTHIN features this active ingredient, turning it into the most effective and healthier product line you will ever have!

This innovative Astaxanthin-based product line has become a dream come true for all: to stay looking young in a natural, toxic-free way, while protecting the health of the skin at the same time. Isn’t this amazing?

The extraordinary power of Astaxanthin is now within reach, through our unique and innovative product line NOVAXANTHIN, formed by:

1- Age Defying Serum: a deeply hydrating topical application, scientifically formulated to minimize damage to external skin layers and improve the regeneration of fine lines and skin discolorations.

2- Age Defying Moisturizer: Reduces the effects of aging when applied both night and day. Moisturizes and softens the skin, reducing expression lines as well as skin spots and freckles, improving skin’s texture.

3- Age Defying Antioxidant Soft Capsules: Provides an age-defying effect that protects the base layer of the skin where collagen and new elastin are formed. Repairs cells and creates new ones, while destroying the toxic free radicals present, regenerating and giving the skin a healthier and spot free look.

Start Up Cost: $99.99

For More Information, Please Contact:
Robin Friedman – Sales & Leadership Director / General Market
Email Address:
Website Address:
Phone Number:
**Ad Expires 1-2-17

bma.jpg (1279 bytes) Phuse Beauty

Description: Be Your Own Bossy Pants for a NEW Professional Beauty Company!


Do you love beauty products? Does the idea of a quiet dryer that helps add shine to your hair make you feel giddy? Can you never have enough makeup brushes?


Are you looking to be your own boss and/or earn additional income for vacations, college, new car, wedding, handbag collection or clothes (hello, we all have needs)?


If you answered yes to one of the above Phuse Beauty could be for you!


While Phuse Beauty is new to the world of beauty; the team behind Phuse is not.  With over 30 plus years in the professional beauty industry (yes, we are talking about coveted stylists’ secrets, tricks of the trade and stuff we really can’t put in print), Phuse is ready to share what we know (don’t worry no experience needed) and have you rock our products… products that have no competition (not that we don’t love competition, but we are the first).


Bread, Beauty & Brains

(Not really bread, Money, Cash, Currency…)


Earn up to 35% on your retail customers’ purchases & generous bonuses as you grow your business

Three ways to sell:

                Home Party (woo hoo)


                Up-Close & Personal (one-on-one)


So Flexible… the role is defined by you and your lifestyle.  Share beauty and have a beautiful life.


Training & support comes with being an Independent Phuse Beauty Glam Consultant. We provide an online office that has tools and training to help you succeed.  We also believe in direct communication, call or email—we talk back.


So if you want to be the FIRST in your area, you want to look and feel better, and you want to make money, learn more today!


For More Information, Please Contact:
Phuse Beauty
Website Address:
Check Us Out… We don’t mind <3
Email Address:
Phone Number:
**Ad Expires 7-15-17

bma.jpg (1279 bytes)Poofy Organics

Description: Who says ORGANIC needs to be boring & expensive? See all the possibilities with POOFY!

We offer bath, body, and beauty products, as well as essential oils that are 100% USDA Certified Organic. No other direct sales company can say that. We promise to avoid toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals. Each ingredient is sourced ethically & sustainably. NO hidden ingredients whatsoever. Plus everything is made in the USA. If you need it, we have it!

Have fun with like-minded people who care about the health and well-being of their environment. Work with a company that CARES about your SUCCESS!! and provides resources and support to help you succeed. Feel good about the products you are selling.

Start Up Cost: There are less than 500 consultants across the country! Join for as little as $9.95 (no kit required.) Starting commission is 25%!

For more information, or to join, please contact:
Margaret Allen
**Ad Expires 1-12-17


Between Moms exists to help moms find a way to stay home with their children while contributing financially to their families. We do our very best to bring you a selection of legitimate telecommuting jobs and business opportunities, but Between Moms IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the businesses or advertisers it links to.  Please exercise caution when looking for work on the Internet!


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