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All'asta ~ found. collected. loved.What is All’asta?

All’asta is the Italian word for “Auction.”

A home party auction? How does that work?
It’s easy, just like our tagline: Shop! Sell! Have Fun!

Welcome to All’asta, a new concept in the home party business! An All’asta party puts a super fresh spin on the typical home party. The guests and host actually sell their own goods, and everyone has a chance to earn some profit. In addition to the great items brought by the host and guests, All’asta offers a catalog of “Signature items” inspired by the unique and vintage items we’ve seen at our past parties. 
Our first parties quickly proved that everyone LOVES All’asta and the fun fresh concept! Now we’re opening our doors to recruit enthusiastic consultants like YOU who want to be a part of this new and exciting direct selling concept. Contact us to find out how to be a part of this ground-floor opportunity!  As an All’asta consultant, you can:

·        Earn between 25 and 32% commission on party sales.

·        Earn up to 9% overrides on your team sales.

·        Enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule.

·        Provide guests and hosts with the opportunity to sell their own items and pocket some profit of their own!

·        Receive leadership bonus income when you promote AND when you build your team.

·        Receive all needed support and training from a company committed to your success. The opportunity is limitless!

All’asta is gearing up for a huge take-off! We want people with a real interest in helping others, a goodwill toward our environment, and a desire to be part of a team. Tell us your goals, and we will help you achieve them. 

Contact us for more details!



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A'JAMAIS Experience Forever

A'JAMAIS Experience Forever

Revolutionizing Skincare and Home fragrance by bringing fun and sophistication together in a unique way while focusing on truly amazing Quality. We offer Candles, Room Sprays, Bath, Body and Facial products. Ground floor opportunity to be a leader and build a team of independent skincare consultants while also earning income from their sales volume. Work your own hours so you can balance your family and personal life while earning great income. Highly competitive commission on your personal sales and downline sales allows for an excellent income opportunity.

Linda Drake, Independent Consultant, Rep ID#100059
Email: lindadrake777@yahoo.com
Website: www.experienceforever.us/LMD
Phone: 678-777-3745

beFragrant Independent Founding Consultant Paulette Cox

New prelaunch home fragrant company, looking for new team members to join a great team be one of the first in your area to join even now while in prelaunch and earn great money, email me for more details.

Paulette Cox, Independent Founding Consultant
Email: paulette@gobefragrant.com
Phone: 270-403-6682

ClaudiaG Collection

ClaudiaG Collection

How does a part-to-full time job in fashion sound to you? Interested in joining an organization that offers head-turning designer products? Looking to grow with a company focused on your success?

About ClaudiaG Collection:
ClaudiaG is a brand of boutique-style beautifully handcrafted and sophisticated designer handbags, versatile accessories and on-trend jewelry.

About the ClaudiaG Opportunity:

  • Showcase gorgeous genuine leather designer handbags & fine accessories.

  • Earn $75 per hour on average at ClaudiaG Trunk Shows. Yes, $75!

  • Get 25% commission on retail sales at trunk shows or online.

  • Build your team with a proven process and increase your earnings.

  • No inventory or renewal fees required. Plus free shipping!

  • Generous hostess program funded entirely by the company.

Start up Cost:
From $99, ClaudiaG starter kits represent the variety, color, and lifestyle of our brand.

ClaudiaG One Show Guarantee:
Come on board! We are so confident you'll do great that if after you conduct your first show within 30 days of enrollment you decide this opportunity is not for you, just return your kit for a full refund. It's that simple.

Join this remarkable ground floor opportunity- secure your spot at the top!

Email: info@claudiagcollection.com
Find us at: http://www.claudiagcollection.com
Phone: 1-800-945-4740

Compelling Creations, Inc.

Since 1998 people have shared their sentiments with our inspirational jewelry designed by the founder of the company, Jill Felts. Together we build our faith as we build our businesses by honoring God and making a living doing what we love at the same time. Our jewelry helps you inspire, comfort, encourage, and uplift others in a tangible way. Call for our latest catalog!
  • You receive 30-45% commission on anything that you sell at gatherings or expos.

  • You receive a 30% discount on jewelry you purchase.

  • There is no required inventory to carry.

  • We provide monthly training calls.

  • The Home Office funds the Hostess Reward program & provides the booking incentive gifts.

  • You have your own replicated website to share your story and sell jewelry nationally along with your own virtual office to track sales and shipments and connect with customers.

  • We have exciting First 90-Day Incentive Bonuses to help you jump start your business.

  • You can even earn 2x and 3x upline commissions when you help women you have sponsored jump start their businesses within their first 90 days.

  • We offer you a monthly eNewsletter so you can stay in touch with your prospects and customers.

  • We offer our Health, Dental, Liability Insurance and more through PRO Insurance Managers.

Start Up Cost: $129.00 ($490 retail value!)
Learn more about this opportunity: www.compelling-creations.com or call us at 770-394-3598 [ext 102].

Euphoria Gems


Euphoria Gems

Experience a Jewelry Therapy™ Session and experience a world of excitement and fun. Create your own perfect piece of jewelry! For your every whim and mood! From elegant in the morning to ravishing in the evening, Euphoria’s precision patented aligning system makes you the designer. Get ready to experience “WOW!” “Oh my Gosh!” from your friends and guests. Euphoria is a new Direct Selling Company that designs amazing pieces of jewelry with a precision patented aligning system that makes changing Xpressions easy and fun. So different, so exciting, YOU choose the look you want! It is where your own creativity makes the perfect piece of jewelry to fit your mood, style, or occasion. You can match your jewelry to the color you’re wearing and easily go from elegant in the morning to wow at night.  Euphoria Gems jewelry is made of the finest 925 Sterling Silver, patented and fully guaranteed, features a precision aligning mechanism so you can securely achieve many gorgeous looks from one piece of jewelry. Using natural precious gemstones like Sapphires and semi precious gemstones such as Topaz, Quartz, Euphoria Gems designs and selects each gemstone Xpression with great pride. For centuries gemstones have been known to bestow a beneficial aura of complete well being on their wearer. With Euphoria Gems patented and fully guaranteed precision aligning mechanism, you can wear what you want to feel and welcome well being into your life.

Sell Euphoria Gems ~ Looking for some holiday income? Euphoria Gems is looking for Regional and National Leaders who are looking to significantly impact their financial future! Join Euphoria Gems for as low as $29! Be a part of history with this Ground Floor Opportunity! Highest paid commission plan in the jewelry industry! Highest paid hostess program in the industry. Unique ONE OF A KIND Interchangeable Jewelry! Call 1-855-387-4672 or visit us at www.euphoriagemsparties.com  where Euphoria Gems Advisors are available to book your Jewelry Therapy™ Session today. Euphoria Gems really is Making Life Happier one Jewelry Therapy™ Session at a time!

Grade Adele Independent Consultant Diane Drayer

When you shop Grace Adele, you can design your perfect look. When you join Grace Adele, you can design your perfect opportunity. Smart and stylish, with a place for everything and everything in its place. There’s a Grace Adele bag to fit your life — and your style. Grace Adele is a new fashion system, designed to take the complexity out of looking good. Choose from any of the bags, clutches, and color options that Grace Adele has available. Add to that a selection of fashionable jewelry and accessories, and you can be ready to walk out the door in minutes with a bold style tailored to who you want to be. It makes looking good much easier than it looks! Grace Adele is a ground floor opportunity available in the US and Canada. If you are looking for a little extra shopping money each month or a chance to replace the 9-to-5 grind with a flexible and rewarding career built on your own terms, check out Grace Adele. Are you ready to pore over pretty catalogs, shop with your friends, and call it “work”? Whatever your goals, Grace Adele can help you reach them. And whether you’re a full-fledged fashionista or someone who just appreciates good style and wants to learn more, you’ve got the right stuff to build a Grace Adele business.
For more information contact:
Diane Drayer
Independent Grace Adele Super Star Director
Call or Text: 816-786-1564

Heritage Makers Party Plan Opportunity!

Heritage Makers ~ As Seen on Oprah's All-Time Favorite Gifts List! Are you looking for a fabulous company that has exclusivity in digital scrapbooking? This is it!! It's incredibly easy and simple to use! We have great incentives such as NO INVENTORY, FREE CRUISES, FLEXIBLE HOURS, NO INDUSTRY SATURATION, BRAND NEW COMPANY, WONDERFUL TEAM SUPPORT, state of the art computer system and you get a rewarding opportunity to help others preserve their stories in beautiful hard bound, archived books, calendars, canvas posters, decks of cards, telephone cases, totes and more!! Choose from 110,000 art pieces to create a project from scratch! Or use one of our 12,000 professionally designed templates and create your own! Anything is possible! No other company has the creativity that these products offer! You will love this! Call me today and we can get you started! Ask me about my incentive for you when you sign up as a consultant!
Start Up Cost: $10 and up

For More Information, Please Contact:

Hallie Redd, Ruby Executive

Email:  Hallie@scrapless.com

Website: www.scrapless.com

Phone: 801-623-7694

Initial Outfitters Home Parties

INITIAL OUTFITTERS - Monogrammed Jewelry, Accessories, Gifts and Home Décor If you have been considering starting your own home based business, look no further than Initial Outfitters. By offering such a diverse, monogrammable line of fun and trendy products, customers of all ages will have no problem creating a long wish list, just like I did! And long wish lists lead to more customers wanting to host their own boutique style home party. Imagine feeling like you never work another day in your life because you honestly love what you do.


  • Our products are truly unique and basically sell themselves! We have a generous commission structure with an easily attainable five percent increase in no time.

  • You’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Our company and team will always be there to support and encourage you every step of the way. We have an awesome training program in place to help you reach your goals…whatever they may be.

  • Flexibility. Work around your schedule. Part time or full time it’s your choice.

  • There is no inventory requirement and the company pays for all hostess incentives.

  • Individual website is provided for online sales.

  • There really is no financial risk. Business launch packages offer a wide selection of jewelry and gifts, all monogrammed with your name or initials. Package prices range from $99 to $299, with retail values from $200 to $865. A supply of business forms and marketing materials are also included to get your new business off to a great start. Most consultants earn back their initial investment with their first show!

Now is a great time to join! Take this initial step, believe in yourself and call or email me. I would love to talk with you more about this amazing opportunity and our unbelievable support team in place to help you reach your goals. You’ll never know what this company can do for you until you give it a try. DREAM BIG….Life is too short not to and the potential is here to completely change your life.
Johna Bowen – Consultant
(252)531-5773 EST
Website: www.initialoutfitters.net/johnabowen
Email: initialoutfitterswithjohnabowen@mail.com

Jamberry Nails Consultant Connie Lasita

Jamberry Nails are the newest way to accessorize your fingers or toes. Get your own unique professional nail design, and even create your own with our Nail Art Studio! This new nail treatment can be applied in just 15 minutes at home. With over 250 styles available these designer nail wraps are made to last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish they won't chip or stain the nail and require no drying time. It's so easy to achieve a look that was once reserved to the professionals. Jamberry Nails are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a water and air tight bond to your nail. The film is finished with a high gloss protective layer that prevents your nail wrap from chipping or scuffing.
Why are Jamberrry Nails the best on the market:

*Highest Salon Quality Product
*Uses No Harsh Chemicals
*Largest Selections of Nail Wrap Designs in the world, with new designs being added regularly
*Long Lasting Sheet will not dry out or fade

Proudly MADE and distributed in the USA!!!!!
I am looking to build a top notch team. You will not be in business by yourself. You will be provided with training, motivation and recognition! Join me on this journey.
So Easy to Sell:

*Wear Your Jamberry Nails
*Fun Party Plan! Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults Love Jamberry Nails!
*Customers Retail Orders Placed on Your Professional Website
*Craft Shows/Vendor Events
*Consumable Product with Repeat Sales

So Easy to Be Rewarded:

*Great Hostess Benefits for Your Customer!
*Generous Compensation for You!
*New Consultant Fast Start Rewards Program
*Business Supply Credit Rewards!
*Volume Bonus as You Build Your Team!
*Awesome Pay Rank Bonus!
*Generational Team Overrides!

Please contact ME...I would love to build the JAMBERRY DREAM with YOU!
Connie Lasita, Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant
Senior Executive
Founders Club Member

JewelScent ~ A Jewel in Every Scent!

JewelScent Candles

JEWELSCENT is truly a ground floor opportunity. 

As of Feb 2014, there are just over 400 consultants nationwide. This business is a web based business that you may compliment with local vendor shows.


BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANT PRODUCTS retail from $15 to $40

A surprise ring valued from $10 to $7500 in each candle, aroma beads or soap product.  Soy based candles burn clean for over 100 hours.  Fragrant aroma beads can be used in drawers, closets or just in a glass bowl .  Our Soaps are made with all natural and organic Moroccan Argan oil rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which hydrate, nourish and protect your skin.




IT IS EASY TO SELL! You have a personalized E-commerce site with a custom URL of your choosing. People that register or buy through your site will be linked to you forever. You will earn on all future orders from those customers. You can also sell product offline. Simply write the order by hand (order forms included in kits) and create the order for them online when you get in front of a computer.



We have a 3-level paydown structure. And, it’s very straightforward.

Level 1 – Earn 20% on your personal retail sales (Receive a 5% override if your sales exceed $1000 in a given month)

Level 2 – Earn 5% on the residual value sales of your direct consultants you sponsor.

Level 3 – Earn 5% on the residual sales value of your indirect sponsors (consultant sponsored by your direct consultants).



Stephanie Seberg, Jewelscent Consultant




jewltique by Inspiranza Designs Independent Sales Representative

jewltique by Inspiranza Designs ~ EARN 50% Commission!
Hello, my name is Kim Downing, an Independent Sales Representative with jewltique and I am excited that you have visited my website today! If you are shopping for something special or simply browsing, I Welcome YOU! At jewltique by Inspiranza Designs you'll find beautiful, handcrafted artisan jewelry. This affordable collection offers a variety of metals including sterling silver, stainless steel and silver and gold plated. Many of the pieces are adorned with precious stones and amazing Swarovski Crystals. Host a trunk show and earn free jewelry! Do you LOVE jewelry? Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to earn an income? Whether you are looking for a full-time income or you just want to earn enough to pay some bills or have some fun cash each month, consider jewltique. jewltique is a Brand New Direct Sales Company that is a fabulous way to grab the American Dream! With jewltique, I earn 50% off everything I sell! Building a team of Sales Representatives and Retail Stores are just an added bonus as I earn commission on their sales as well. With my jewltique business, I can achieve any goal I choose, like paying off debt, helping out with my family's expenses, driving a brand-new car or buying the house of my dreams. Whether you're a busy mom, a full-time professional or just a jewelry girl at heart, a jewltique business can be the perfect income opportunity for YOU! The opportunities are endless, so contact me today to learn how you can own your own jewltique business! There are currently two kits available and you can get started for as little as $149! Retail storefronts are Welcome! If you want to carry jewltique in your boutique or salon, contact me and I'll share how jewltique can impress your customers with classic chic designs that they will come back for again and again. Retail stores are not required to purchase a kit. Company approval and a small initial order are all that is needed to get started! Contact me for more information!
Kim Downing
Independent Sales Representative
Jewltique by Inspiranza Designs
800-590-9229 or 802-535-9270

L'dara ~ A major breakthrough in anti-aging skin care

A major breakthrough in anti-aging skin care

Hello!  You’re here because you’re interested in a “ground floor” opportunity.  And that’s what L’dara is  . . . it has all the upside of a startup with none of the downside.  Here’s the problem.  Statistically, about 80% of direct selling startups fail within their first year.  Why?  There are a lot of reasons – mainly lack of experience, funding, or staying power to see it through to success.  That’s not the case with L’dara.  L’dara is backed by, and funded by, an 18-year-old direct selling company with $1 billion in sales.  Also, L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum ($5.5 million in development research) has been clinically proven to work 3.5 times better and 3 times faster at a fraction of the cost of leading products in its category.  So, better, faster, cheaper.  Anti-aging in the U.S. is an $80 billion market growing by $1 billion per month, and L’dara features a customer program where customers can get their product free by referring three customers.  This drives massive growth in an organization.  Here are some additional highlights:

  • Our pay plan features 20%-45% retail sales commissions plus an 11 generation (not level – but generation) payout on your organization that translates to potentially hundreds of levels deep.

  • Our system offers parties, one-on-one sampling, and social media approaches.  Choose your favorite approach, or use them all together for ultimate success. 

  • L’dara’s corporate team always makes decisions that support the field sales organization, and has a warm, fun, caring, yet professional culture. 

  • You can have a great company, product, and compensation plan – and if you join the wrong team – still not achieve success.  Our team is amazingly successful!  We built a six-figure income in direct selling in 18 months on a part-time basis and have now transitioned to full-time.  We’ve mentored more than 20 car qualifiers in the last year.  We personally train and mentor all of our new team members. 

We are just finishing pre-launch.  We are founding marketing partners with L’dara.  Our official launch was November 7, 2013.  Take a look.  It won’t look like a startup because it’s backed by a big, successful company.  We’re looking for sharp, outgoing women.  Part-time or full-time, whatever fits your lifestyle.  No experience in direct selling needed.  If you’d like more information or to enter into a dialogue to see if this is the right fit for you – call, text, or e-mail us.  We won’t push you, because we realize it needs to be something you want to do.  We wish you the best in your journey!

Overview video: 


Dave and Mary Taylor


208-520-1867 – call or text


Design an Amazing Life…WITH MADISON HANDBAGS
Wouldn’t it be great if every time you went to work you ended up at a PARTY? Well with Madison Handbags you have an opportunity to design a career YOUR way. The flexibility of working for yourself but not BY yourself is what we are all about. As an Independent Madison Handbags Design Consultant you have an incredible opportunity to represent a Made in America company and share fashion and sophistication wherever life takes you…
Just look at these benefits:

• Earn 20% commission immediately on your first order
• Earn Free products and a $1,000 shopping spree when you complete your FASTARt
• When you share our business opportunity, earn bonuses for Leadership
• Access to top trainers, business supplies, personal website
• Earn Free Jewelry, Free Trips and other fun incentives
• Company paid Hostess Rewards
• No credit card fees
• Do what you love!

Your Madison Handbags Consultant Kit…jam packed with all you need to get started.  Just $199 will set you on your way to success!

5 bags and accessories (subject to change) • Sales Consultant Handbook • Training Manual & M2M Folder • Compensation Plan • 200 Invitation Postcards • 10 Hostess Pamphlets • 10 Hostess Postcards • 250 Business Cards • 30 Catalogs • Fabric Swatches, Linings & Strap Samples • 100 Customer Order Forms with Duplicate Copies • 10 Opportunity Brochures • 10 Hostess Reward Forms • Gift Swatch Card, Bag Tags • 30 TRC Look Books • TRC Swatch Cards—one for each collection • 100 TRC Order Forms • TRC Bag Tags

Plus... you have the option to order a booster kit with seven additional bag styles.
For more information, please contact:
Jane ODell Miller, Team Leader
Email: Janeomill@aol.com
Website: www.madisonhandbags.net/230
Phone: 845-266-8533

Mary and Martha ~ Faith-based home decor and entertaining supplies

Mary and Martha

Faith-based home décor and entertaining supplies for Christian and Faithful households and Friends. Mary and Martha Motto: Meaningful Entertainment, Made Simple

Representative: Rev. Shannon Owens
Website: www.mymaryandmartha.com/jsowens
Email: blessings@revowens.com
Phone Number: 214-810-3138

Mialisia Jewelry ~ team Strong ~ USA and Canada

Mialisia Jewelry
Have you ever missed out on being a part of something REALLY big from the VERY BEGINNING? Have you ever known someone who HAS and wished YOU would have had been given a chance to have gotten in as one of the FIRSTS too? Now is YOUR time -- but it’s a small window of opportunity so you can’t delay. Mialisia Jewelry (pronounced mee-uh-lee-see-uh) is launching July 2013 and expects to shatter growth records with its outstanding, PATENT-PENDING jewelry concept which provides women with stylish, on-trend jewelry pieces that are interchangeable and customizable!

Join during prelaunch *(LIMITED SPOTS)* to be at the top levels of our company
• Patent pending product that no company offers – No competition
• $50-$75 bonus for each person you sponsor into the business
• Pays infinity deep at highest level (see comp plan for details)
• FREE shipping to your customer and hosts
• Personalized websites with blogging and e-vite capabilities
• Limited Lifetime Product Warranty
• Big value for your customers
• Demonstrable product that makes your parties FUN and INTERACTIVE

$49 reserves your spot and allows you to sponsor others and begin building your power team today! There is a reason for the HYPE! Email us for an application today Mialisia.prelaunch@aol.com
Chad & Joy - National Executive Designer
Corporate Direct Prelaunch Team Recruiter


Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

Perfectly Posh
I am an Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh. Perfectly Posh products are pure spa-grade pampering products made in the USA. These products are made of the highest quality ingredients which do NOT contain any parabens, paraffins, SLS, gluten, or soy. We even have a large line of vegan products. There are several different kinds of products offered by Perfectly Posh including, but not limited to the following: muscle scrub, massage balms, lotions, soaps, mud masks, sugar scrub, bath bombs, fabulous feet line, baby wash and lotions, etc. Perfectly Posh is growing quickly and now is the best time ever to become an Independent Consultant! You are able to join Posh and start your own business for only $99! The starter kit comes with $192 worth of full-size products and $70 in business supplies to help get you started. I would love to have you on my team! Please contact me anytime!
Thanks, Nicole Jernigan
361-649-5687 Cell

Click here to visit my Facebook page

Pink Zebra by Maria Hough

Pink Zebra by Maria
Pink Zebra sells soy based waxes and candles. We have warmers, shades for warmers, simmer pots, diffusers, make your own candle kits, lotions and soaps! We offer over 50 scents that can be mixed together to make your own unique fragrances. The product is wonderful. My customers absolutely love it! Now they call me and ask to order! The company offers a very generous Consultant package. You earn 25% of your sales immediately! As your sales grow you earn up to 35% commission!! The first 90 days we have an AWESOME quick start plan! You can earn over $600 in free product just for meeting the goals set! And its EASY! I hit my sells goals in 45 days! Not only that but Pink Zebra offers incentives such as earn an ipad and earn a vacation! If you join my Pink Zebra team- I will refund you $25 off your start up kit! Your startup kit has everything you need to start your own business!! Check it out on my website! Best of all- you will never be alone!! I will be here to help you with anything you need! If your successful- I am successful! Because Pink Zebra offers a mentoring incentive for anyone who hacs team members who are doing well! There are just so many ways to grow through Pink Zebra! It is a new company! So this is a ground floor opportunity! Dont miss out!
Startup Cost: $74 w/my refund plus S&H and tax
For more information, please contact:
Maria Hough, Pink Zebra Independent Consultant
Email: mariasscents@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.pzrodeo.com
Phone: call or text 217-417-3786

Sara Blaine Willow House

Sara Blaine Willow House

You’re Invited to Represent American Jewelry Designer Sara Blaine. Join a company with proven success and a stunning line of jewelry hand-crafted from the finest natural materials and semi-precious metals and stones.

We’re looking for experienced leadership and individuals with a desire to own their own Designer Jewelry business. Apply to join our Leadership Team if you:

1.  Have experience building a direct selling team
2.  Have a strong desire to affiliate with a proven high growth business
3.  Need to build a six-figure income (our leaders can earn up to 42.5% commission plus generous bonuses on team volume)

ACT FAST to secure your place with this ground-floor opportunity backed by corporate leaders with more than 100 years of Direct Sales and party-plan experience.

If you’ve got a few spare hours in your week, you can enjoy a part-time career as a client representative for Sara Blaine.

•  Choose from multiple Starter Kit investment levels, starting at just $199 (includes FREE sample jewelry)
•  All Sara Blaine Reps can purchase samples for 50% off
•  Generous Host Rewards and customer promotions help you build your business FAST.

No matter your level of commitment, there’s a sparkling future for you as a Sara Blaine Rep. Contact us today! Mel Awes Recruiting Manager 952-484-4510

Simply Charmed ground floor opportunity!

Simply Charmed

Ground-breaking opportunity! Have you ever wanted to become a part of something special from the very beginning? Now is your chance! Women all over the nation are changing their lives for the better and so can you! Become a part of the Simply Charmed Family! Simply Charmed brings a unique twist to the direct selling industry with interchangeable magnetic jewelry that lets you change your look any time you want to without having to buy a new necklace! With Simply Charmed, it's simple, easy, and affordable to change your look from day to night! Experience all these benefits:

  • 25% commission on ALL your personal sales from Day 1

  • $99 Starter Kit (plus shipping and tax) Retail value over $300

  • Great discounts on Simply Charmed products

  • Unlimited support from the Home Office and your fellow Consultants

  • A flexible schedule, financial benefits, friends and FUN!

Get Started Today! Join between February 1st and April 30th, and earn a $99 rebate for your starter kit, when you sell $500 within your first 30 days. It’s like joining for FREE!

Margaret Allen
Founding Senior Consultant
Email: margaretmedinaallen@gmail.com
Visit our website at www.charmingartwear.com to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Ground Floor! South Hill Designs with Lisa Chelius

NEW! South Hill Designs!

"Jewelry is one of the best-loved ways for a woman to express herself. How much more exciting to create your own personal jewelry — to let the beautiful things you wear tell the world what matters to you.”  Hi! Welcome to South Hill Designs, a powerful, pre-launch business opportunity launching February 2013! Looking for an opportunity that will inspire you? South Hill Designs is an exciting, new home-based party plan business featuring lockets and charms for creative self-expression through a fun home business. We are looking for team members locally and nationwide. We offer a flexible schedule, fantastic commissions, generous host gifts, recognition and exclusive training opportunities. Share your story! This is a ground-floor, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Join our South Hill Designs family as a hostess, customer or launch team partner! Contact me at 610-914-4199 or lisachelius@comcast.net for more information!

  • KITS ARE SHIPPING NOW! $29, $199 or $399

  • Generous Compensation Plan
    > 20% – 40% Commission on sales
    > 3% – 6% Enroller Bonus, 5% Trainer Bonus, 20% on Trainee’s first $1,000, 4% Management Bonus, 3% Executive Bonus, 2% Enroller Generation Bonus, $250 – $750 monthly Lifestyle Bonus

  • Company-paid Host Rewards

  • Training, support & personal coaching

Lisa Chelius, Presidential Founding Member
Phone: (610) 914-4199
Email: lisachelius@comcast.net
Blog: www.celebratingeverydaywithstyle.com
Website: www.southhilldesigns.com/lisachelius 

U Locket Custom Jewelry

U Locket Jewelry is the trendiest home-based business featuring personalized lockets, charms, and accessories.

U Locket was created so anyone can create their own custom, one of a kind piece of jewelry that tells their own Unique story.


The company is looking for excited women to share their story with. If you are looking for the next hottest jewelry company – this is it.


Be rewarded with 50% commissions on ALL sales when you join our U Locket team!


Get involved with a very fast growing social selling business that is expanding nation wide. We are looking for motivated, entrepreneurial home based sales reps; and also experienced “team leaders”. We have a very generous compensation plan.



▪  Earn 50% commissions on all home based sales immediately when you join U Locket. (You do not have to reach any level to be rewarded 50% commissions)
▪  Work on your own hours
▪  Work from your home or wherever you chose to live
▪  Be your own boss!
▪  Extra incentives rewarded for being team leaders
▪  Training, support and personal coaching


We supply you with all of the tools to start your own business immediately. Business kits starting at $179.

Rory Coppock
Phone (310-316-7650)

Winnie & Kat: Successes Through Dresses

Direct Sales has never looked so good. See how Winnie & Kat empowers you in every aspect of your life while supporting you to achieve success with your own fashion business.


Top 5 reasons to choose Winnie & Kat:

  • Exciting Grassroots Ground Floor Opportunity

  • Easy to sell versatile, fashionable and comfortable women’s clothing

  • Made-in-the-USA products

  • 25 - 30% immediate commission plus monthly bonuses and Founders’ Club

  • Exceptional training, mentoring and coaching

Our customers say:

“Jacquie wore her new outfit into work today and she wowed everyone! ! ! Let me know next time you have an open house as they all want to go to see your clothing.”  - Suzanne


Our hostesses Say:

"I was so excited to learn about the Winnie & Kat clothing line from my long-time friend, Lila.  I've been to LOTS of home parties and have bought and experienced all sorts of products but I can honestly say I was VERY impressed with the quality, versatility, style and price point that Winnie & Kat has to offer.  The party was a blast… and my girlfriends had such a good time trying on the garments and giving each other their input…there was something for EVERYONE no matter your shape, age or style…from casual to dressy…I think everyone found something they loved.  I   am looking forward to hosting my next party!" -Amy

Our Independent Stylists Say:

“You know when you love something so much, it's all you think about and you just want to tell everyone? That's sort of how I'm feeling with my business right now. Thank you Bobbi and Diane Prince for being such incredible support!” - Tracy


Financing available for Business Builder Kits


For More Information, Please Contact





The launch of Zuzu Lane has begun!

Zuzu Lane is an E-Commerce Wholesale Buyers Club Offering Incredible Value.

  • Over 100,000 Products
    From golf clubs to diapers, make-up to barbecues, cereal to high-end accessories you can find it all at ZuZu Lane. We carry many hundreds of brands with household names with many more being added continuously!

  • Low Pricing
    Because we are a password protected site, we often offer prices below the manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price, or M.A.P.

  • Convenience
    We are not a portal or an affiliate marketing website that redirects you to other sites. We ARE the store!

  • Cash Rebates
    ZuZu Lane offers cash rebates on every purchase you make throughout the year.

  • Daily Deals
    Because of our buying power, we are able to offer Daily Deals with prices up to 80% off!

  • Referral Cash Payments
    ZuZu Lane rewards our ARM's and our Customers through a cash referral payment on purchases made by their referred customers.

  • Only $14.99 for a yearly customer membership!

  • The Associate Referral Manager (ARM) enrollment fee is $129 for the first year and $29 per year thereafter. ARM enrollment includes 6 months of access to the back office, after which it is $14.95 per month. ARM's are automatically customers and will earn referral cash payments on their entire Zuzu Lane Tree.

How it works!
ZuZu Lane is sharing a portion of its profits, also referred to as "Payable Spread", with our customers and ARM's who have chosen to build our customer base. We are committed to assist in creating long term residual income to our ARM's! This is an exciting new way to shop and earn money. Please contact me for more information and be one of the first to join this amazing company launching May 1st! www.ShopOnlineWithBecky.com    


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