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Does Your Jewelry Smell As Pretty As It Looks?


Are you searching for that elusive ground floor opportunity? Are you interested in showcasing a totally unique product, with a strong possibility of being the first in your area to do so? Combine a revolutionary product with a generous compensation plan, and you have a winner in Vessel Scented Jewelry!  Potential membership in the Founder's Club is available for a limited time, and will be forever closed on December 31, 2014.  Haven't you ever wished you had joined a successful company before they had thousands of representatives?  NOW is your chance!


AND you can join now for as little as $99 for a Stylist Kit!  Not only that, if you choose one of two optional Product Packages along with your Kit, you will receive team building commissions and FULL personal volume.  You can choose between the Business Basic Product Package at $100, or the Business Builder Product Package at $300.  You can be an Active Stylist right from the start, and the new Stylist Kit program makes recruiting others to your team much more effective. 


If you haven't heard about Vessel yet, it's a revolutionary new way to shop for jewelry and fragrance.   Merging fragrance and jewelry into custom accessory pieces, Vessel creates the fusion of scent and style.


Vessel is a direct sales, home party company built to empower women and give them an opportunity to love their work while building a successful future for themselves.


Our one-of-a-kind, patent-pending scent system combines beautiful lockets with unique ScentSpheres®. Perfume is infused into the ScentSpheres, which are then placed into the lockets. The fragrance will last for several days, after which new scent vessels can be used with the perfume of your choice.  You can also use ScentSpheres without fragrance if you would prefer to use your own favorite perfume or oils. 


Vessel offers high-quality jewelry items such as chains, lockets, charms, ribbon and cord necklaces and accessories. Vessel’s range of chains, lockets and scented inserts are interchangeable for truly customized pieces. Every locket or charm can be attached to any chain, and each locket can be filled with our proprietary ScentSpheres infused with a choice of tantalizing fragrance that suites each individual perfectly. Create a casual style with a fresh scent and fun jewelry selection, a formal style with a more intense fragrance and elegant jewelry piece, or anything in between.


Vessel also offers hair accessories, pet lockets, and charms.


Vessel offers 30-40% Retail Commission paid from the very first sale, as well as a generous compensation plan that rewards Stylists for building their business the right way. There are no monthly minimums to receive the Retail Commission.


For More Information, Please Contact:
Karen Carter / Susan Harward, Co-Founders

Phone: 1-888-966-8775


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Ava Gray Direct ~ Jeannette Maddox

Ava Gray Direct
Now launching in this area! Ava Gray Direct, a New York based women's clothing company. Our successful designer brand features a chic, comfortable mix of textures and colors that's 100% machine washable and made in America. This is a ground floor opportunity for women to have their own social selling "pop-up boutique" business, with huge growth potential. I invite you to be a part of this amazing opportunity, by joining my team as a fashion stylist today! Please contact me for more details on starting your fashion business or to schedule a boutique party.

Start Up Cost: $199.99

For More Information, Please Contact:
Jeannette Maddox, Independent Founding Director

Phone: 503-704-5082


Chelsea Row is looking for leaders to join our team and help build the industry’s leading jewelry direct sales company. 

This is an amazing ground-floor opportunity.

Chelsea Row has become the leading social selling platform by allowing women to shape their dream careers into reality. We give you the best tools available to build your business, including:

  • vParty™, our exclusive, patent-pending video trunk show software. All of the fun of an in-home party, but less time and no travel!

  • Generous compensation plan: earn 25%-35% on personal sales and up to 15% on your team

  • Unbeatable hostess rewards: There’s no limit to how much hostesses can earn! Our plan goes up to 30% of party sales + additional 50% off credits.

  • Gorgeous jewelry with a lifetime warranty, exclusively designed for Chelsea Row

Visit www.chelsearow.com/betweenmoms1 to register for more information. We’ll then email you and set-up a time for a phone call to interview you as foundling leader candidate.

ClaudiaG Collection

ClaudiaG Collection

How does a part-to-full time job in fashion sound to you? Interested in joining an organization that offers head-turning designer products? Looking to grow with a company focused on your success?

About ClaudiaG Collection:
ClaudiaG is a brand of boutique-style beautifully handcrafted and sophisticated designer handbags, versatile accessories and on-trend jewelry.

About the ClaudiaG Opportunity:

  • Showcase gorgeous genuine leather designer handbags & fine accessories.

  • Earn $75 per hour on average at ClaudiaG Trunk Shows. Yes, $75!

  • Get 25% commission on retail sales at trunk shows or online.

  • Build your team with a proven process and increase your earnings.

  • No inventory or renewal fees required. Plus free shipping!

  • Generous hostess program funded entirely by the company.

Start up Cost:
From $99, ClaudiaG starter kits represent the variety, color, and lifestyle of our brand.

ClaudiaG One Show Guarantee:
Come on board! We are so confident you'll do great that if after you conduct your first show within 30 days of enrollment you decide this opportunity is not for you, just return your kit for a full refund. It's that simple.

Join this remarkable ground floor opportunity- secure your spot at the top!

Email: info@claudiagcollection.com
Find us at: http://www.claudiagcollection.com
Phone: 1-800-945-4740

Color by Amber

Company:  Color by Amber

Contact Kiki:  http://www.jewelry-escape.com/contact-kiki/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jewelryescape

Business Information:  http://www.jewelry-escape.com/request-business-information/

Company Video:  http://youtu.be/iVYa_juw-ko

Product Line:  

Color by Amber's Fun, High Quality, Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Jewelry made with 40% recycled & crafted materials by people from around the world!  Color by Amber represents fashion and design, innovation, helping the planet, supporting those less fortunate, and empowering entrepreneurs.


Company Information:

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Just That...


How many companies have you joined, hoping you have finally found the right one?  


How long have you been looking for a product line that is truly unique, environmentally smart, priced competitively, and something that will work for many?  


Are you ready to join a team of people that will support & train you, helping you reach a level of success that YOU want, with no pressure to reach for something you don't?  (Because the dream YOU are looking to fulfill may be different from someone else, and that is a great thing!)


Welcome to Color by Amber!


We offer a fresh, new opportunity that will enable YOU to reach for YOUR dreams.


Build your jewelry wardrobe or build a business with Color by Amber's beautiful Eco-friendly jewelry made with 40% recycled material and crafted by people from around the world!  We are more aware of the impact we have on the world around us, and Color by Amber works Full Circle, providing beautiful jewelry that helps others live better lives by sharing the beauty of their craft with us.  Our look is fresh. You can wear our jewelry line to work or play, dressed up or down,  We offer something for everyone at a price that's fair!  For the first time, you can wear jewelry on the beach without worry that it's going to be ruined, it's a fun line, it's beautiful, it's unique.  


Our team is supportive of YOU and YOUR dreams, whether it be earning extra spending money or leaving a job and living life BIG - you can make it happen with our team and the Color by Amber Corporate team. They have thought about everything so as a new stylist you will have the training you need to learn the business from day one.  I am here to support you and to be a friend, cheering you through the "firsts" and making the "bumps" you may experience easier too.  


It doesn't matter where you live, what your background is, how many companies you have tried in the past!  I will be here to support and uplift you, helping you build this business around your life!


Join today just $99!


Don't Let Your Dreams Be Just That...Join Me! 




Need More Information:  http://www.jewelry-escape.com/request-business-information/


Commission Structure:
Base Commission - 30%
Be one of the first 1000 Stylists and receive 32% Base Commission.

Bonus on Sales Volume:
$0 - $1100 - No Bonus
$1101 - $1900 - 3% Bonus
$1901 - $3000 - 5% Bonus

$3001 - $4000 - 7% Bonus$4001 and UP - 10% Bonus
For sales totaling $300+ in a month, receive 5% of total sales in Jewelry Sampling Credits.
For sales totaling $300+ in a month, receive 3% of total sales in Supply Credits.

Build a team and receive commission on the team volume ranging from 2% - 6%.*
Help your team build teams and receive commission on those generations volume ranging from 1% - 3%.*
*minimums required to receive commissions.


Kiki Vogel

Premiere Stylist with Color by Amber


Compelling Creations, Inc.

Since 1998 people have shared their sentiments with our inspirational jewelry designed by the founder of the company, Jill Felts. Together we build our faith as we build our businesses by honoring God and making a living doing what we love at the same time. Our jewelry helps you inspire, comfort, encourage, and uplift others in a tangible way. Call for our latest catalog!
  • You receive 30-45% commission on anything that you sell at gatherings or expos.

  • You receive a 30% discount on jewelry you purchase.

  • There is no required inventory to carry.

  • We provide monthly training calls.

  • The Home Office funds the Hostess Reward program & provides the booking incentive gifts.

  • You have your own replicated website to share your story and sell jewelry nationally along with your own virtual office to track sales and shipments and connect with customers.

  • We have exciting First 90-Day Incentive Bonuses to help you jump start your business.

  • You can even earn 2x and 3x upline commissions when you help women you have sponsored jump start their businesses within their first 90 days.

  • We offer you a monthly eNewsletter so you can stay in touch with your prospects and customers.

  • We offer our Health, Dental, Liability Insurance and more through PRO Insurance Managers.

Start Up Cost: $129.00 ($490 retail value!)
Learn more about this opportunity: www.compelling-creations.com or call us at 770-394-3598 [ext 102].

Heritage Makers Party Plan Opportunity!

Heritage Makers-As Seen on Oprah's All-Time Favorite Gifts list-3 TIMES!!!

Are you looking for a fabulous company that offers great product AND a great compensation plan? With Heritage Makers that is easy. We offer the BEST digital publishing around AND we also offer a NEW traditional line of products so you have the best of both worlds. Our traditional products are phenomenal and a hot ticket item for those scrappers who want the texture and feel of creating memories! Our digital line, perfect for those who want fast and simple and over 100,000 pieces of art and over 14,000 templates to use to create that priceless memory for your family! We have everything from, paper, cutters, border makers, pens, coverset albums and an ever expanding line of traditional supplies that grows each month. Photos gifts, books, calendars, decks of cards, canvas, metal prints, greeting cards, iphone cases, ornaments, dog tags, customized bags and totes, and so much more! Use one of our incredible templates to customize or do your own completely from scratch!


Whether you want to be a hobbyist, part timer, or make career level income, we have the compensation plan that allows you to do that and fast! Anything is possible! NO INVENTORY, FREE CRUISES, FLEXIBLE HOURS, NO INDUSTRY SATURATION, WONDERFUL TEAM SUPPORT! Ask  me about my incentive when you sign up as a consultant! 


For more information please contact:

Hallie Redd, Founding Ruby Executive

Email:  Hallie@scrapless.com

Website: www.scrapless.com

Phone: 801-623-7694

Jamberry Nails ~ Connie Lasita

Jamberry Nails are the newest way to accessorize your fingers or toes. Get your own unique professional nail design, and even create your own with our Nail Art Studio! This new nail treatment can be applied in just 15 minutes at home. With over 250 styles available these designer nail wraps are made to last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish they won't chip or stain the nail and require no drying time. It's so easy to achieve a look that was once reserved to the professionals. Jamberry Nails are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a water and air tight bond to your nail. The film is finished with a high gloss protective layer that prevents your nail wrap from chipping or scuffing.

Why are Jamberry Nails the best on the market:

*Highest Salon Quality Product
*Uses No Harsh Chemicals
*Largest Selections of Nail Wrap Designs in the world, with new designs being added regularly
*Long Lasting Sheet will not dry out or fade
Proudly MADE and distributed in the USA!!!!!
I am looking to build a top notch team. You will not be in business by yourself. You will be provided with training, motivation and recognition! Join me on this journey.

So Easy to Sell:

*Wear Your Jamberry Nails
*Fun Party Plan! Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults Love Jamberry Nails!
*Customers Retail Orders Placed on Your Professional Website
*Craft Shows/Vendor Events
*Consumable Product with Repeat Sales

So Easy to Be Rewarded:

*Great Hostess Benefits for Your Customer!
*Generous Compensation for You!
*New Consultant Fast Start Rewards Program
*Business Supply Credit Rewards!
*Volume Bonus as You Build Your Team!
*Awesome Pay Rank Bonus!
*Generational Team Overrides!

Please contact ME...I would love to build the JAMBERRY DREAM with YOU!
Connie Lasita,

Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant
Senior Executive
Founders Club Member

Kalypso TwistZ

“Kalypso TwistZ Interchangeable Jewelry to help provide Career Opportunities”

What Is Kalypso TwistZ Interchangeable Jewelry?

Kalypso TwistZ Jewelry is an elegant, interchangeable concept in Jewelry design. It is where your own creativity makes YOUR perfect piece of jewelry! For YOU! Made of the finest non tarnish 925 Sterling Silver, our Jewelry features a precision aligning mechanism so you get many gorgeous looks from one piece of jewelry. It is about how you feel knowing YOU are in charge. It is great to know YOU can match your jewelry to the color you are wearing! Wear your jewelry to match any occasion. Elegant in the morning to WOW at night!

Kalypso TwistZ product line consists of several .925 Sterling Silver ring Bases, 2 Bangles, 2 Pendants, and Earring bases. Each base allows interchangeability between each other to choose the look that best expresses your mood for the day. Currently there are over 100 Xpressions to choose from with new designs being designed and introduced quarterly. The Xpressions are set in .925 Sterling Silver with stones made from Quartz, Topaz, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Czech Crystal and more. The company has created affordable packages starting at just $59 to help our customers start their collection of Exquisite Kalypso TwistZ jewelry. You will LOVE the concept of Kalypso TwistZ. Not only does the quality supersede other party plan jewelry, but it also becomes an heirloom to pass along generation to generation at an affordable price.

Joining Kalypso TwistZ

Not only will you love what you do, you will show off amazing jewelry that will practically sell itself with fun and laughter along the way. You will be compensated and rewarded unlike any other party plan in the industry. So here we are….a warm welcome to you! We hope you’ll take advantage of this fantastic opportunity we offer to build your own exciting jewelry business! You can also say that much of your product is “made in the USA!”

The corporate leaders at Kalypso TwistZ have over 30 years’ experience in party plan, and have come up with an uncomplicated, competitive compensation plan, and hostess program. With Kalypso TwistZ an Advisor starts out at 30% commission on the retail sales of each Jewelry Therapy Session with Personal Sales incentives to achieve up to 50% on their own sales. Their personal cost is between 40-50%, and they can earn 10% on their first 2 recruits with commissions paid ALL levels down. Kalypso TwistZ does not charge any monthly fees, doesn’t require you to own your own merchant account, Advisor online ordering system, 2014 Trip incentive to Aruba, and Kalypso TwistZ provides you with all the training necessary to make a successful business. The Hostess program does not come out of your commissions, it is Company Paid! You have the opportunity to be a founder with Kalypso TwistZ and quickly have financial freedom. Currently Kalypso TwistZ is in its pre-launch and has less than 50 advisors nationwide. Kalypso TwistZ is currently looking for Sales & Team Leaders nationwide to help build this incredible company.

If you love fine jewelry, want to help men and women worldwide change their lives with financial freedom, then we invite you to join the Kalypso TwistZ. By joining Kalypso TwistZ, you are taking advantage of a Ground Floor Opportunity of a Lifetime!
Call us today!

For More Information contact the corporate office at
Or visit www.kalypsotwistz.com

Macee Leigh ~ Ground Floor Opportunity!

Be the FIRST in your area to be a Macee Leigh Boutique Specialist!


Macee Leigh is the newest and most innovative, online shopping experience available for women today. Unlike traditional programs and direct sales companies, being a Macee Leigh Boutique Specialist will give you and your customers a 'Girl's Day Out' shopping experience every time you stop by. Our ever changing stock will meet the needs of your customers through one company, as opposed to them having to go to several different companies to purchase their most sought after items. You will become their 'go to consultant' for all of their fashion and accessory needs.


We have AWESOME must have items that include:  Fiber Lash Mascara, Candle Warmers and Soy Beads, Mineral Makeup, Jewelry, Nail Wraps, Soaps and MORE!  All very Affordable and Easy to Sell!


As a Macee Leigh Specialist, you will earn 25% of all online orders PLUS additional team building bonuses!

No kits to buy!  No Inventory to stock!  and you get a FREE Website! 


The best part? It’s ONLY $14.00 to join our company!


For more info please visit my website at:



Or call or text me, Andrea Green, at 706-463-7505 

Or email me at larryandandreagreen@gmail.com

Magnolia and Vine logo



Magnolia and Vine launched February 2015 and expects to shatter growth records in the direct sales industry.

Our concept is incredible. One simple snap change can transform your jewelry. Lots of base choices including purses & sunglasses too. Did I mention we have over 270 snaps too.

Don't miss out on this truly incredible opportunity. Now is the TIME - nothing ventured nothing gained!

Join Today for $199. E-mail or call me with questions. You can join us TODAY on my website.

Dawn Sullivan
Independent Founding Style Consultant
Website: www.mymagnoliaandvine.com/dawn
Facebook: www.facebook.com/magnoliaandvine2015
Email: dawn.sullivan89@gmail.com
Cell: 865-228-8589

What does the MUE (MakeUp Eraser) do?
It removes your makeup and cleans your face when wetted with just water. For non-makeup wearers, it is a great chemical free way to clean their face since it removes daily dirt and grime and even excess oils. You will save money too! You won’t need to use ANY makeup removal products anymore....no more wipes, oily eye-makeup removers or Q-tips. For personal preference you can use your regular face wash with or after using your MUE, but you don’t have to. Feel free to use your moisturizer afterward as well.

How does the MUE work?
The phenomenon is easily explained by the chemical makeup of the fabric. It is a polyester blend, and polyester is a thermo plastic. If you put the fabric under a microscope the fibers that make up the fabric are smooth, this is the reason for the softness. When you group these smooth fibers together into a fabric or cloth, they 'twist' together and can grab the makeup . When submerged in water and swished around the fibers come 'untwisted' and release the product. This same info explains why we need to use a circular buffing motion to remove our makeup. It is recommended that you always wash your eraser before using it for the first time. Click here to watch a Makeup Eraser demonstration on YouTube!

Will it work on mascara? Even waterproof mascara?
Yes! Use the MUE to get off tough mascara…no more tugging or pulling on your eyelashes! YIt is best to use warmer water as waterproof mascara has more tar. And don’t forget to use circular motion …that’s the most important part! Don’t rub….your MUE will do the work for you.

How do you clean the MUE and how long will it last?
Just wash the MUE in your washing machine along with your other towels. Your MUE should last about 1,000 washes. They are nearly impossible to wear out. The water is the magic that makes them work – both for removing makeup and then coming clean in the wash. Regular washing machines do this beautifully. If you have one of the newer HE machines, they use less water, so use a heavier soil setting and keep the load on the lighter side. Mues go into the wash covered with makeup and come out looking like new!

How long has this company been in business?
Makeup Eraser, LLC was established in 2012. The network marketing arm started in 2013.

For More information Please Contact:
Cheryl Hoffman, Distributor
Website: http://pure.makeuperaser.com/
Email: cleanmakeuperaser@gmail.com
Phone: 1-888-796-3924

Mary and Martha ~ Faith-based home decor and entertaining supplies

Mary and Martha

Faith-based home décor and entertaining supplies for Christian and Faithful households and Friends. Mary and Martha Motto: Meaningful Entertainment, Made Simple

Representative: Rev. Shannon Owens
Website: www.mymaryandmartha.com/jsowens
Email: blessings@revowens.com
Phone Number: 214-810-3138



Mialisia Jewelry (pronounced mee-uh-lee-see-uh) launched July 2013 and expects to shatter growth records with its outstanding, PATENT-PENDING jewelry concept which provides women with stylish, on-trend jewelry pieces that are interchangeable and customizable! Pays INFINITY levels deep-FREE SHIPPING to you, your customers and hosts! Now is the TIME, join while it is hot at the TOP!

• $50-$75 bonus for each person you sponsor into the business
• Patent-Pending Product so No Competition
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Beginning with a company right from the START!
• Incentives, Trips and Contests
• Great Product, Great Value

Stacy Cerreta
Independent Founding Designer & Team Recruiter
Website: Stacy.Mialisia.com/  
Facebook: www.facebook.com/StacyMiaJewelry
Email: Stacy.Mialisia@yahoo.com 
Phone: 813-312-6884


Moxie Gear

Are you looking for a ground floor opportunity with AMAZING potential for growth? Well look no further than Moxie! We started Moxie because we see a need for women to be armed with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves from those wanting to do them harm. Every 26 seconds a violent crime occurs in America. 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. To me, these numbers are too high and I do not want to be anyone’s next victim.


We are a direct sales party plan company. We are providing less than lethal self-defense weapons designed for women. What better way to learn about these type of products than by having fun in the comfort of your home surrounded by your closest girlfriends? I don’t know about you, but I have always felt intimidated going into a gun shop staffed with men; I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them questions to determine what self-defense options would be best for me. Moxie offers stun guns, pepper spray, defensive keychains, and more. Our network of women love to share ideas on personal safety and to help each other learn about self-defense. We started in the summer of 2014 and are seeing tremendous growth already. There is a ton of excitement with every new person we meet and introduce to Moxie Gear.

  • Consultant kit only $99 (plus S&H); over $250 in product and supplies.

  • Earn 25% commission on your sales.

  • Great discount on consultant demo items.

  • Earn extra incentives for growing your team.

  • Earn extra incentives for achieving high sales.

Now is the best time to enroll and start your own business keeping women safe. Join today and grow your team!

Contact me,
Theresa Krause
President & Founder

Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

Perfectly Posh
I am an Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh. Perfectly Posh products are pure spa-grade pampering products made in the USA. These products are made of the highest quality ingredients which do NOT contain any parabens, paraffins, SLS, gluten, or soy. We even have a large line of vegan products. There are several different kinds of products offered by Perfectly Posh including, but not limited to the following: muscle scrub, massage balms, lotions, soaps, mud masks, sugar scrub, bath bombs, fabulous feet line, baby wash and lotions, etc. Perfectly Posh is growing quickly and now is the best time ever to become an Independent Consultant! You are able to join Posh and start your own business for only $99! The starter kit comes with $192 worth of full-size products and $70 in business supplies to help get you started. I would love to have you on my team! Please contact me anytime!
Thanks, Nicole Jernigan
361-649-5687 Cell

Click here to visit my Facebook page

Phuse Beauty ~ Where science meets beauty!

Be Your Own Bossy Pants for a NEW Professional Beauty Company


Do you love beauty products? Does the idea of a quiet dryer that helps add shine to your hair make you feel giddy? Can you never have enough makeup brushes?


Are you looking to be your own boss and/or earn additional income for vacations, college, new car, wedding, handbag collection or clothes (hello, we all have needs)?


If you answered yes to one of the above Phuse Beauty could be for you!


While Phuse Beauty is new to the world of beauty; the team behind Phuse is not.  With over 30 plus years in the professional beauty industry (yes, we are talking about coveted stylists’ secrets, tricks of the trade and stuff we really can’t put in print), Phuse is ready to share what we know (don’t worry no experience needed) and have you rock our products… products that have no competition (not that we don’t love competition, but we are the first).


Bread, Beauty & Brains

(Not really bread, Money, Cash, Currency…)


Earn up to 35% on your retail customers’ purchases & generous bonuses as you grow your business

Three ways to sell:

                Home Party (woo hoo)


                Up-Close & Personal (one-on-one)


So Flexible… the role is defined by you and your lifestyle.  Share beauty and have a beautiful life.


Training & support comes with being an Independent Phuse Beauty Glam Consultant. We provide an online office that has tools and training to help you succeed.  We also believe in direct communication, call or email—we talk back.


So if you want to be the FIRST in your area, you want to look and feel better, and you want to make money, learn more today!


Check Us Out… We don’t mind <3

Or let’s email each other customerservice@phusebeauty.com



Pink Zebra! Join my team today!

Pink Zebra


Ready for something new, unique and different? Become a Pink Zebra and join the herd!




Pink Zebra is a NEW and Inventive way to personalize the fragrance that welcomes you home. Unlike some of our competitors, Pink Zebra uses a soft soy wax in the form of SPRINKLES, which are extremely versatile. Sprinkles can be burned , warmed, create your own custom candle, use for wedding bars, fundraisers and so much more. Soy wax retains the scent 30% longer, better for the environment, non toxic, soy is made by USA soy farmers. 


Have you ever wondered how some people who are part of a new direct sales company make a lot of money in just a few years? Would you like to look back and possibly be one of them? Or are you just looking to make some extra money selling fragrance products that are unique and of high quality? Pink Zebra is a Ground Floor, new company that offers unlimited opportunity! Pink Zebra is a fun,  fresh brand you can call your own! 


Our tag line is Change Your Fragrance, Change Lives and you can be part of that change.

  • Quick Start program rewards you for fast growth in your first 90 days!

  • Earn up to 35% for your personal sales

  • Sponsoring Bonus -  7% on those who you personally sponsor (on your very first team member)

  • Mentoring Bonus –  2% bonus on you and your team’s sales through all levels

  • Incentive Trips, Jewelry, Custom Pink Zebra boots and more for reaching different ranks (they spoil us)


  • Leadership Commissions – Additional commissions when you earn new leadership titles

  • HEROES Charity – What if you could be part of a bigger cause when holding parties? Pink Zebra is proud to have created a charity to support single mothers throughout the United States. For every $500 party, Pink Zebra will donate ONE DAY OF DAY CARE to day care organizations.

Ready to join the herd? Contact me today and lets get you started!


M. Reynolds, Independent Pink Zebra Executive Consultant

email: sprinklemycandles@gmail.com

website: http://zebracandlesprinkles.com

CLICK here to visit my Facebook Page!



PuckerMeUp is a National Direct Sales Company seeking Associates who want to become a part of our foundation. You will have the opportunity to be one of the first in your area to promote this new product line.

PuckerMeUp offers high quality products such as lipstick, lip gloss, earrings, and Argan Oil. We package these products in sets with many different combinations. Our line is designed for women of all ages, skin and hair types. Every woman wants to look and feel great, even if it’s just to run errands.

Developed by two working moms that are always on the go. We understand that most days, we hope we have enough time to brush our hair before running to an appointment. Our products allow women to look and feel great; without spending hours that they don’t have.

Have you been to “one of those home parties?” Come experience a new concept that gathers your family and friends for a fun night! Our parties give guests an opportunity to experiment with over 50 colors of lip products, play dress up with our earrings, and sample our 100% Organic, cold pressed Argan Oil! Known as miracle oil, this product has many great benefits! All of our lip products and earrings are made in the U.S.A! Our products are simple, sophisticated and timeless. Our concept is simple! Add color to your lips, sparkle to your ears, and an amazing luxurious shine to your hair and skin!

A Career with PuckerMeUp

PuckerMeUp Associates
* Own their business
* Set their schedule
* Grow their team
* Create a great lifestyle and income
* Build a loyal return customer base
* Provided mentoring to aid in great marketing and sales skills

3 Ways to Get Started
* Invest in your PuckerMeUp Starter Kit for as little as $149.99 + shipping and take advantage of our current special promotion *Sell $1000 in your first month and receive $100 back on your investment
* Purchase your Kit for $75 start earning right away. Not eligible for special promotion
* Join with no money up front! Host a catalog party and achieve $600 in sales. PuckerMeUp will send you a starter kit upon signing up to become an Associate
* Premium Starter Kits are also available
* Receive great discounts on additional PuckerMeUp products
Immediate Income Potential
* Income = Effort
* Associates have the ability to be paid within 48 hours of placing a sales order
* No stocking of products
* PuckerMeUp Associates earn 25% of their personal sales and earn additional commissions from their personal team members
* Associates joining at ground level have an amazing opportunity to grow as the company expands

Great Hostess Benefits!
* Receive free products
* Earn Additional discounts
* Receive additional ½ off sets for each guests scheduling a party that can be redeemed at a future party.

Join today to be part of our exciting career opportunity at www.puckermeup.net ! For more information please contact us at Madelinep@puckermeup.net  Or Jilla@puckermeup.net

We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

*Special Promotions change monthly

Rodan + Fields Consultant Opportunity

Rodan and Fields

Rodan + Fields, is the fastest growing company in premium skin care among leading companies last year in the U.S.


The San Francisco-based company Rodan + Fields’ focused business strategy has generated high double-digit compound annual growth, driving revenue for 2014 to more than $300 million USD

Developed by Stanford University-trained dermatologists Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Fields, M.D., Rodan + Fields is at the forefront of clinical skincare for home use – merging effective over-the-counter medicines with well-proven cosmetic ingredients to provide real and visible results. The line provides solutions for specific skin concerns with a focus on sun damaged and aging skin, targeting women and men with individually packaged, dedicated regimens that range in price from $190-$229 CAD/Regimen.

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, the creators of the successful Proactiv skincare brand, have recognized that innovation in customer engagement is no less important than the innovation that goes into their skincare formulations and tools. In 2013, Rodan + Fields won the American Business Award for Company of the Year - Consumer Products and has been awarded 12 Direct Selling Association Awards since 2010, including the Rising Star Award. Rodan + Fields was among the top five premium skin care companies in the U.S. in 2014.

Rodan + Fields is a leading skincare company committed not only to helping customers achieve great skin, but also to helping Consultants who sell the products build successful independent businesses. The Company made the unprecedented move out of department stores and into the world of direct selling in order to take the Doctors’ successful dermatological philosophy and unique personal approach to business one step further. From problem identification and superior dermatological-based formulations to unprecedented support and follow-up, Rodan + Fields seeks to provide the most complete skincare experience outside of a medical office.

Rodan + Fields is Now open for business and business ownership in ‪Canada‬! Owning a part of the FASTEST growing premium skin care company in the US is an incredible opportunity, but it also means we are going to need a lot more consultants to manage that kind of growth! That's how tiny we are....and how HUGE this opportunity is for the first generation of R+F consultants. There are LOTS of reasons I chose this company. To name a few: no parties, no inventory, this is the doctors SECOND multi-billion dollar company in the making, no other company has the credibility of the proactiv doctors and the built-in brand that comes with, we have the leading scientists in the WORLD exclusively on R&F payroll- our R&D dept is unparalleled, our technology (both in the products and the business) has won multiple awards for being on the forefront, we have products that NO ONE else has and we have patents on products no one else can copy, we're JUST starting international expansion, this company will be around for years and years and years to come! Please Email me with any questions @ modelmommy01@gmail.com  you can also visit my website http://BrittanyThacker.myrandf.com to see our products and also our Consultant kits!!

Ground Floor Opportunity in a New Direct Sales Company with a Twist on the Typical DS Model…

I am looking for people across the country who want to lead their state in our company, Ryte. We officially launched in January and are still taking enrollments for Founding Members for a limited period of time (capped at 500 members)

Let's face it, we all know that in direct sales, getting in on an amazing opportunity at the infancy stage could be life changing. I can guarantee Ryte will be one of the fastest growing companies in the upcoming years! Ryte offers all of its Founding Members, amongst other things, a bonus pool of the company! What exactly does that mean??? It means that if you are a Founding Member, you will get a percentage of the company’s profit…monthly….just for using the products. Do you know of any other company that does that?? Don't kick yourself later thinking you should have been a part of this!

About the business: Ryte is a giving company that promotes the best products for a healthy lifestyle. We aid in areas that the most help is needed: energy, mood, sleep, mental focus, cellular health, weight loss, lean muscle, fat burning to name a few. Our products are all natural, organic, gluten, soy and GMO free. There are only 13 ingredients, as opposed to all other companies who have between 30-50 ingredients. We are as close to the earth as you can get. Yes, there are other companies that promote a healthy lifestyle, but what makes Ryte so special (aside from being the best product on the market) and what gives it that extra “twist” is we are set up as a Benefit Corporation (the 1st Direct Sales company to do so) which means We, as a company, exist to create a material positive impact on society. Our biggest goal is to give back... to community, charity, those in need...Our weekly commission is broken down into two checks. One at 90% to LIVE and the other at 10% to GIVE. So that makes the giving extremely easy….and a fun way to create a pay it forward movement.

This is going to be something special. Don't sit back and wait until there are thousands of members...join now because they are capping the Founding Membership at 500 (which is going to happen very quickly-probably within the next day or so!)

I would love to speak with you about our product, our opportunity and making a positive difference in the world.

For more information, go to maria.myryte.com and you can also see what we are about at http://youtu.be/NYxshd868HE

Feel Good~ Look Good~ DO GOOD!!

Start Up Cost: $30 a year for website/back office then whatever product package you decide (between $50-$200)

For More Information, Please Contact:
Maria Giambrone, Founding Member
Email: energizeandgiveback@gmail.com 
Website: http://maria.myryte.com/  
Phone: (718) 781-2580

Ground Floor! South Hill Designs with Lisa Chelius

NEW! South Hill Designs!

"Jewelry is one of the best-loved ways for a woman to express herself. How much more exciting to create your own personal jewelry — to let the beautiful things you wear tell the world what matters to you.”  Hi! Welcome to South Hill Designs, a powerful, pre-launch business opportunity launching February 2013! Looking for an opportunity that will inspire you? South Hill Designs is an exciting, new home-based party plan business featuring lockets and charms for creative self-expression through a fun home business. We are looking for team members locally and nationwide. We offer a flexible schedule, fantastic commissions, generous host gifts, recognition and exclusive training opportunities. Share your story! This is a ground-floor, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Join our South Hill Designs family as a hostess, customer or launch team partner! Contact me at 610-914-4199 or lisachelius@comcast.net for more information!

  • KITS ARE SHIPPING NOW! $29, $199 or $399

  • Generous Compensation Plan
    > 20% – 40% Commission on sales
    > 3% – 6% Enroller Bonus, 5% Trainer Bonus, 20% on Trainee’s first $1,000, 4% Management Bonus, 3% Executive Bonus, 2% Enroller Generation Bonus, $250 – $750 monthly Lifestyle Bonus

  • Company-paid Host Rewards

  • Training, support & personal coaching

Lisa Chelius, Presidential Founding Member
Phone: (610) 914-4199
Email: lisachelius@comcast.net
Blog: www.celebratingeverydaywithstyle.com
Website: www.southhilldesigns.com/lisachelius 

Steeped Tea

"Tea"riffic opportunity to join a growing team.

Founded in 2006, Steeped Fine Loose Teas & Accessories Inc. has quickly become one of the fastest growing social selling companies in North America! Built on superior quality, taste, and service, the company offers over 60 delicious varieties of fine loose teas, along with beautiful and functional accessories and scrumptious treats to go with them, including scones, jams, tea spices. hand crafted soaps, tea baths, mugs, and more.


Start Up Cost: $149 + Tax + S & H

For More Information, Please Contact:
Diana Jordan- Steeped Tea Consultant
Email: timeforteawithdiana@gmail.com
Website: www.mysteepedteaparty.com/TIMEFORTEAWITHDIANA/
Phone: 252-722-3101


Be the first in your area selling the hottest and most affordable new weight loss product on the market!

Our company is TruVision Health. We have a powerhouse combo called TruFix and TruWeight and Energy. These products not only help you shed fat and lose stubborn pounds, but it also benefits you health wise helping with issues such as blood sugar, lowering cholesterol levels and just overall making you feel GREAT.

TruWeight and Energy helps curb your appetite. You will not be hungry and gives you the energy you need without giving you the jitters or shakes. Combined with TruFix, you are giving your body everything it needs to be healthier, lose the fat and be more energized. No restrictive diet required! Our products can help you reach your goals, and stay there - AFFORDABLY! What incredible prices for wonderful products that WORKS!!

Don’t take my word for it….try it for yourself! Try a 7 day sample pack and see how GREAT our products will make you feel! Sample packs only $25.00 with FREE SHIPPING! Most people who try our sample pack fall in love with our product and see results in their first week! You are going to LOVE how our products work…guaranteed!

NOW…let’s talk about how you can make a solid income with TruVision Health! Earn commissions from retail and online sales, sell to your friends, stores and boutiques, etc! You can also recruit other people if you want to and make even more! Also Fast Start bonuses and company incentives are a nice plus as well! And you get a FREE website like mine!

Start your TruVision Health business for ONLY $35.00! Visit my website below to find out more! Watch the videos…it explains our awesome compensation plan and how it works. See how you can build an incredible business and earn extra income, just by sharing our products and getting people to try them with our 7 day sample pack :)

I love this company! Truly one of the BEST business decisions I've ever made! Want to know more?

For more info or to get your own 7 day sample pack contact:

Andrea Green, Independent Associate
Visit my website at: www.trimdownwithtruvision.com 
Call or Text: (706) 463-7505
Email: larryandandreagreen@gmail.com 

U Locket Custom Jewelry

U Locket Jewelry is the trendiest home-based business featuring personalized lockets, charms, and accessories.

U Locket was created so anyone can create their own custom, one of a kind piece of jewelry that tells their own Unique story.


The company is looking for excited women to share their story with. If you are looking for the next hottest jewelry company – this is it.


Be rewarded with 50% commissions on ALL sales when you join our U Locket team!


Get involved with a very fast growing social selling business that is expanding nation wide. We are looking for motivated, entrepreneurial home based sales reps; and also experienced “team leaders”. We have a very generous compensation plan.



▪  Earn 50% commissions on all home based sales immediately when you join U Locket. (You do not have to reach any level to be rewarded 50% commissions)
▪  Work on your own hours
▪  Work from your home or wherever you chose to live
▪  Be your own boss!
▪  Extra incentives rewarded for being team leaders
▪  Training, support and personal coaching


We supply you with all of the tools to start your own business immediately. Business kits starting at $179.

Rory Coppock
Phone (310-316-7650)

Vessel Scents of Style

Does Your Jewelry Smell as Pretty as it Looks?

Are you searching for that elusive ground floor opportunity? Are you interested in showcasing a totally unique product, with a strong possibility of being the first in your area to do so? Combine a revolutionary product with a generous compensation plan, and you have a winner in Vessel Scented Jewelry!


•  Vessel revolutionizes the way women shop for jewelry and fragrance. Merging fragrance and jewelry into custom accessory pieces, Vessel creates the fusion of scent and style. Vessel is a direct sales, home party company built to empower women and give them an opportunity to love their work while building a successful future for themselves.

•  Vessel offers high-quality jewelry items such as chains, lockets, charms, ribbon and cord necklaces and accessories. Our one-of-a-kind, patent-pending scent system combines beautiful lockets with unique ScentSpheres®. Perfume is infused into the ScentSpheres, which are then placed into the lockets. The fragrance will last for several days, after which new scent vessels can be used with the perfume of your choice.

•  Vessel’s range of chains, lockets and scented inserts are interchangeable for truly customized pieces. Every locket or charm can be attached to any chain, and each locket can be filled with our proprietary ScentSpheres infused with a choice of tantalizing fragrance that suites each individual perfectly. Create a casual style with a fresh scent and fun jewelry selection, a formal style with a more intense fragrance and elegant jewelry piece, or anything in between.

•  Vessel also offers hair accessories, pet lockets, and charms.

•  We offer 30-40% Retail Commission paid from very first sale, and a generous compensation plan that rewards Stylists for building their business the right way. There are no monthly minimums to receive the Retail Commission.

•  Another exciting and unique opportunity with Vessel is that you can still become a member of our Founder’s Club, a potential that established companies can’t offer. How many times have you wished you could have been one of the early joiners in a fabulous company? Well, here’s your chance! Anyone who signs up with Vessel by December 31, 2014 will have the opportunity to become a member of the Founder’s Club. See how YOU can be a Founder’s Club Member here.


Cost to Join:  Announcing our NEW Stylist Kit program!  Sign up for as little as $99 for a Stylist Kit.  Add an optional Product Pack if desired - $100 for the Business Basic, or $300 for the Business Builder (plus shipping/handling).  Optional Product Packs come  with commissions and full PSV!


The Vessel Stylist Kit contains:

• One Locket and One Chain

• 1 set of fragranced ScentSpheres
• 1 set of “dry” ScentSpheres
• Business materials


The Stylist Kit comes in Scented or Unscented versions.  The Unscented version also contains empty ScentSphere jars.


Contact Name:

Karen Carter / Susan Harward, Co-Founders
Email Address: info@vesselscentsofstyle.com
Telephone Number: 888-966-8775
Cell Number: 801-913-7131
Fax Number: 801-489-9451
Website Address: www.vesselscentsofstyle.com
Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/VesselScentsOfStyle


Winnie & Kat: Successes Through Dresses

Direct Sales has never looked so good. See how Winnie & Kat empowers you in every aspect of your life while supporting you to achieve success with your own fashion business.


Top 5 reasons to choose Winnie & Kat:

  • Exciting Grassroots Ground Floor Opportunity

  • Easy to sell versatile, fashionable and comfortable women’s clothing

  • Made-in-the-USA products

  • 25 - 30% immediate commission plus monthly bonuses and Founders’ Club

  • Exceptional training, mentoring and coaching

Our customers say:

“Jacquie wore her new outfit into work today and she wowed everyone! ! ! Let me know next time you have an open house as they all want to go to see your clothing.”  - Suzanne


Our hostesses Say:

"I was so excited to learn about the Winnie & Kat clothing line from my long-time friend, Lila.  I've been to LOTS of home parties and have bought and experienced all sorts of products but I can honestly say I was VERY impressed with the quality, versatility, style and price point that Winnie & Kat has to offer.  The party was a blast… and my girlfriends had such a good time trying on the garments and giving each other their input…there was something for EVERYONE no matter your shape, age or style…from casual to dressy…I think everyone found something they loved.  I   am looking forward to hosting my next party!" -Amy


Our Independent Stylists Say:

“You know when you love something so much, it's all you think about and you just want to tell everyone? That's sort of how I'm feeling with my business right now. Thank you Bobbi and Diane Prince for being such incredible support!” - Tracy


Financing available for Business Builder Kits


For More Information, Please Contact







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Heritage Makers Party Plan Opportunity!


AZULI SKYE ~ Ground Floor Jewelry Party Plan Opportunity!


Ground Floor! South Hill Designs with Lisa Chelius





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