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Questions for Bookings:

My whole show revolves around questions. I give a ticket for each person who raises their hand.

1. Who here loves At Home America?

2. Who here has never been to an At Home America show before?

3. Who here was brought by a friend?

4. Who here was looking forward to getting out of the house?

5. Who here thinks their friend would love our homewares?

6. Who here has ever been a hostess for any other direct sales company? Can you share a reason why you had your party?

7. Who here is a previous At Home America customer? (They come back, they must love the Homewares, and these guests make great hostesses.)

8. Who here would love to turn 3 hours of your time into Free Homewares?

9. Please raise your hand if there are 2 or more items that you would take right now if I gave them to you? Who here could buy everything they want right now without using a credit card? Usually all hands go up and only 1 or none are left up.

10. Who here doesn't get to see their friends as often as you'd like?

11. Who here would love to see the brand new matalog?

12. Who here just doesn't have time to have a show? Well, here's an idea, if you had time to come you have time to have your own show? The only difference is you won't have to drive to the show and you will get all of the free products?

13. Who here would love to go on a $150 shopping spree?

14. Who would like to have everything that you see her tonight without breaking the bank for it?

15. Who here doesn't want to have a show because you think you have to clean your house? Great have it in your back yard, at your child's sporting event, or at a local picnic spot or at my house!

16. Who here would have to check with your husband before having a show? Would he rather you spend $150 tonight or go home and tell him you decided to have a show and saved him $150?

17. Who here would love to have a party but you've had a previous bad experience? If I could turn your show into a great experience would you be willing to have an At Home America Show?

18. Who here knows someone in charge of fund-raisers for an organization or business? And would love to receive $40 of our Homewares if they decide to do a fundraiser with me and At Home America?

19. How long would it take you to see 10-15 of your closest friends or family members? With At Home America it only takes about 3 hours to see everyone plus you'll usually earn $100 in FREE product?

20. Who here thinks (Hostess Name) deserves this (half-priced item)? Great! 10 of your raised your hand and she only needs 3 good friends to help her out! When 3 of you book a show she'll get this for FREE!

I really like using 13 and 20. When I ask about the shopping spree...I pick the first 3 people to raise their hands and I hostess coach with them. I also use $150 in free product instead of the typical $100. This sets a higher standard for show sales. I like turning the booking seeds into questions; I believe it gets them thinking.


These tips were submitted by:

Sandra Stevens HSS#19572



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