Mother's Day approaches, This Year Give the Perfect Gift � A Gift from the Heart


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Mother's Day approaches, This Year Give the Perfect Gift � A Gift from the Heart


Mother's Day is the one day you get to show your mom exactly how much you love her. Why not give her a gift of all of her favorite things, all put together to resemble a cake.   She'll know how much she means to you when she receives one that has her own special soft fluffy bath towel, kitchen hand towels uniquely matching the kitchen she works so hard in, or perhaps her favorite flavored coffee. You can fill the towel cakes with all the items your mom loves the most.


Some unique ideas also including making a tea cake, coffee lovers cake, gardeners cake, or spa cake. Add some ribbon or tulle and flowers and you have made the perfect design cake, that mom will be sure to love and never forget.   

Try these tips to make a towel cake for Mother's Day:


1) Making a template for the cake base is very simple. By folding the towels a certain way and using corsage pins, ribbon and some patience you to can make these wonderful gifts.


2) To make a Spa Cake - First ask yourself is Mom a bath person or a shower person?


For the Mom who loves to soak in the tub use-Bath teas, Bath salts, Scented Candle, Bath Bombs, and some nice silky body butter for after the bath.


For the Mom who loves taking long hot shower use-Shower Gels, Body Scrubs, Scented soaps, Long handled Body Sponge, Sea Sponge, and some nice Body Lotion for after the shower.


3) To Make Tea Cakes-Take a kitchen towel with pictures of a teapot or teacups, gourmet teas, gourmet honey, and lemon cookies or Mom favorite chocolates You could even fit a cute mug in the cake.


4) Coffee Lovers Cake-Same as above but coffee themed. Flavored coffee, mints, mug, chocolate spoons, flavored sticks for stirring and maybe Mom favorite magazine or book.


5)  Put your creation on a round pretty plate as a keepsake for Mom. Take some tulle from the fabric store and wrap cake up tie with ribbon add a nice card and you have made the gift Mom will never forget. Best of all everything can be used with these cakes.


For more information stop by our site at and chat with some of our more than 300 members who are sharing ideas and tips on the cakes they are making.   This is also a perfect opportunity for those looking to start a home-based business. Unique, fun, and profitable.  What more could you ask?


About the Author:
Barb Ireland is the founder of Make A Diapercake biz,  Articles are free to be reprinted as long as author's bio remains intact.


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