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~~Health & Wellness and Nutrition & Weight Loss Products~~

Please scroll down to view home party and direct sales companies that offer consultant opportunities selling health, nutritional, and weight loss products!   If you would like additional information on an opportunity, please contact the rep listed for that company.  Thank you!



bma.jpg (1279 bytes)It Works!


Work right from your laptop or phone *No experience necessary *Training Provided *
Qualify for weekly $100 bonuses for life!

As a busy mom, I was looking for an opportunity where I could earn additional income around my family time, with a company and products that I could firmly stand behind. IT Works fit perfectly for our lifestyle!

It Works! (known for our crazy wrap that firms, tones and tightens in 45 minutes) is looking for motivated individuals to share the opportunity with others to improve their health, appearance & lifestyle. It Works! also has products everyone needs including body contouring & skin products, a supplement line, essential oil line, energy drinks and more! No direct sales experience needed ~ follow our Steps to Success for unlimited earning potential with our amazing compensation plan and bonuses. Become an It Works! distributor and live a life of friendship, fun and most of all FREEDOM!


Start Up Cost: $99 includes your business kit with promotional material as well as 4 Body Wraps which you can use or sell for $25 each!

For More Information, Please Contact:
Misty Reynolds, Ind. IT Works Distributor
Email Address:
Website Address:
Phone Number:
903 787 9202 or message me on facebook:

**Ad Expires 3-4-18

bma.jpg (1279 bytes)Modere

Description: Modere is safe made sexy. We offer a category-leading portfolio of lifestyle essentials—personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. Our formulas are proven and tested, and have been trusted by customers around the world for more than 25 years.
Start Up Cost: $39.99

For more information, please contact:
Nicole Susko - Social Marketer
Email Address:
Website Address:
**Ad Expires 4-17-18

bma.jpg (1279 bytes)Nutrisail

Description: B-Lite: Energy/ Weight loss/Appetite Suppressant/ Mental alertness/ Mental clarity/ Well being. Works!!
Start up Cost: Free. No out of pocket money needs to be spent to make money. How is this possible: You go to my website, Sign up FREE as a Brand Fan, You will receive a FREE website; it will be username you pick) Ex: Mine is : . Then you post this website on your Facebook page and let people know you have learned about a great product that gives great energy, appetite suppressant, Feel good mood, and clarity and it has shown to help those with arthritis. People are losing weight. My first 7 days on it I lost 7 lbs, total loss, 35 lbs and holding for 2 yrs. Why does it work so well? Because you have energy, so you move more, you hardly have an appetite so you eat less and lose weight and it causes a thermogenisis effect in your body which causes you to burn fat doing nothing. Go to my website ( ) and give it a try.

For every person who visits your website and places an order you earn 10%. This is a Referral Bonus, getting paid for sending others to the company's products through your FREE website and them ordering. There are also other ways to earn and you can learn more about that on the site. The most you'll ever have to spend to make the highest amount of money is $19.95 a month. What company do you know that costs nothing to join, you can earn money and not buy a thing for your first 60 days, after which you must place an order of at least $19.95 a month to be active to earn! What company do you know that the only cost to you a month is $19.95? But do note: It is easier to sell a product from trying it, as friends and family ask you what you think of it so having used it yourself really helps to share this! Use my story to start and get your website going on your facebook and order a 10 day supply for $19.95. It will be the best decision you have ever made!

For More Information, Please Contact:
Kelly Bushnell, Independent Representative
Email Address:
Website Address:
**Ad Expires 5-16-18

bma.jpg (1279 bytes)Pruvit

Description: Ground Floor Opportunity!

What would you say if I told you that you could start burning FAT in an hour? Yes, I said an HOUR!!

By drinking Keto//OS daily, you will be putting your body into Ketosis, which is the fat burning state. Most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis where blood glucose (sugar) provides most of the energy. In short, after you drink your Keto//OS, your body will start burning FAT almost immediately. That one drink negates any carbs and sugars in your body.

By taking a simple glucose test found in your local pharmacy, you will be able to test and see the results for yourself!

While drinking Keto//OS, you will see some or all of these amazing benefits

  • Fat Loss

  • Better Mood

  • Fast and Sustained Energy

  • Decreased Inflammation

  • Reduced Brain Fog

  • Muscle Sparing Effects

  • Increased Awareness

  • Better Sleep

  • Increased Focus

  • Better Digestive & Gut Health

  • Appetite Suppression

  • Clearer Skin

  • Strength Gain

  • Significant Reduction of Cravings for Carbs and Sugar

How Our Simple Program Works:

-You drink Keto-OS once or twice a day
1. Add it to your current eating style and LOSE FAT
2. Do a Low Carb/Paleo diet and LOSE FAT FASTER
3. Adapt to a keto style diet (high fat, low carb, moderate protein) and LOSE FAT EVEN FASTER
We are seeing up to a pound a day of FATloss!!

Pruvit is less than a year old and is rapidly growing and changing lives! Within the 1st six months, we have already surpassed the $20M mark and are launching INTERNATIONALLY within the next few weeks! If you are in Canada, Australia, Mexico, United Kingdom and New Zealand, you are going to want to get involved prior to our launch.

Our compensation plan is very lucrative and the bonuses are AMAZING! I would love to give you more information on this opportunity and am happy to share results, transformations and testimonials with you!

You will LOVE this product and company, and I would love to have you on my growing team!

Will you be the first in your area to promote Pruvit??

Free to Become a Promoter

PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL WITHOUT CONTACTING ME FIRST… because you will miss out on a special gift for joining my team!

For More Information, Please Contact:
Maria & Mark Giambrone

**The success or failure of each individual is dependent on their own efforts and leadership abilities. Pruvit is less than 1 year old and has no data to determine the generally expected typical results.
**Keto//OS is not a medical treatment, medicine or weight loss supplement. It is an exogenous ketone product that elevates ketone levels in the blood. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Ad Expires 2-25-18


Between Moms exists to help moms find a way to stay home with their children while contributing financially to their families. We do our very best to bring you a selection of legitimate telecommuting jobs and business opportunities, but Between Moms IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the businesses or advertisers it links to.  Please exercise caution when looking for work on the Internet!


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