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~~Candles and Candle Accessories~~

Please scroll down to view home party and direct sales companies that offer consultant opportunities selling Candles and Candle Accessories or simply click on the Company name below to go to that specific company ad.   If you would like additional information on an opportunity, please contact the rep listed for that company.  Thank you!



bma.jpg (1279 bytes)A'JAMAIS Experience Forever

Description: Revolutionizing Skincare and Home fragrance by bringing fun and sophistication together in a unique way while focusing on truly amazing Quality. We offer Candles, Room Sprays, Bath, Body and Facial products. Ground floor opportunity to be a leader and build a team of independent skincare consultants while also earning income from their sales volume. Work your own hours so you can balance your family and personal life while earning great income. Highly competitive commission on your personal sales and downline sales allows for an excellent income opportunity. Click here to learn more about A'JAMAIS Experience Forever!
Start Up Cost:

For More Information, Please Contact:
Linda Drake, Independent Consultant, Rep ID#100059
Email Address:
Website Address:
Phone Number:
**Ad Expires 2-17-15

bma.jpg (1279 bytes) Pink Zebra

Description: WHAT IS PINK ZEBRA? Pink Zebra is a NEW and Inventive way to fragrance your home or office. Unlike some of our competitors, Pink Zebra uses a soft soy wax in the form of SPRINKLES. Soy wax retains the scent 30% longer, better for the environment, non toxic, soy is made by USA soy farmers.
Start Up Cost: $99

For More Information, Please Contact:
Alcie Duke, Pink Zebra Executive Manager and Independent Consultant
Email Address:
Website Address:
Phone Number:
**Ad Expires 11-27-15

bma.jpg (1279 bytes) Scentsy

Description: People join Scentsy for many different reasons! Some because they want to earn a part time income, and others because they simply love and believe in the product. Others like myself work their Scentsy business full time, the decision is yours! The best thing is YOU decide when you want to work. I have kids, and am definitely busy with them. I needed a career where I could work when I wanted to, and on my terms. Scentsy has provided me with that opportunity and so much more. I have met wonderful people who have become friends through becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant. This job is so rewarding, and I have fun every day! I decide when to work and how hard I work. I also decide when I go on vacation! :) I love Selling Scentsy Products, and would recommend this opportunity to everyone! As a Scentsy Consultant you can earn 20%-25% commission on your personal sales, and up to 9% bonus from your team sales when you have recruits Join Scentsy under you! What an excellent earning opportunity!
Start Up Cost: $99 plus tax and shipping

For More Information, Please Contact:
Kim Modlin - Independent Scentsy Director
Email Address: 
Website Address:
Phone Number:
**Ad Expires 6-26-15


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