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The Vacation Game


This is good for "End of the summer" parties... have them bring a photo from that summer's vacation!

Ask each guest to bring a picture from her favorite vacation. Then ask them the following questions about their pictures.

1. Is the picture in color?
(If yes, 5 points.)
2. Was the picture taken in the last 6 months?
(If yes, 15 points.)
3. Are there mountains in the picture?
(If yes, 10 points.)
4. Is there a lake in the picture?
(If yes, 10 points.)
5. Is there an ocean in the picture?
(If yes, 10 points.)
6. Was the picture taken on an island?
(If yes, 15 points.)
7. How did you get there?
Airplane 15 points
Train/Bus 10 points
Car 5 points
8. Is there a landmark in the picture?
(If yes, 20 points.)
9. Are there any people in the picture?
You 10 points
Family/Friends 5 points each
10. Is someone waving "hi" in the picture?
(If yes, 30 points.)
11. Is someone in the picture riding a horse, camel, or elephant?
(If yes, 100 points.)
12. Did someone accidentally appear in the picture?
(If yes, 50 points.)
13. Did you have a stranger take the picture for you?
(If yes, 25 points.)
14. Is anyone kissing or hugging in the picture?
(If yes, 75 points.)
15. Was the picture taken on your honeymoon (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or whichever)?
(If yes, 50 points.)
16. Did the person taking the picture accidentally get their finger(s) in front of the lens?
(If yes, deduct 10 points.)

After reading the 16 questions, go back and give points that correspond to their respective answers. Total the points to determine the winner.



This game was submitted by:

Sandra Stevens HSS#19572



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