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Snowman Game

This is obviously a winter game, but can be adapted for any season. For summer, change the scene to a beach, complete with umbrellas; lifeguard in a chair blowing a whistle, shark in the water, sunbathers, sandcastles with flags, etc.! In the fall, have them draw a family raking leaves, geese flying south, pumpkins by a fence, etc. There's even a recipe for "pumpkin poop"!


1.        Close your eyes - and no peaking!
2.        Draw the head of a snowman
3.        Now draw the middle circle
4.        Now draw the bottom circle
5.        Give your snowman 2 eyes
6.        He needs a nose
7.        Now give him 2 arms
8.        And 5 buttons marching down his front
9.        Oh - he has to have a mouth
10.       And you'd better give him a hat before he melts


  • If the head and middle section are touching or overlapping - 5 pts.

  • If the middle and bottom section are touching or overlapping - 5 pts.

  • 5 pts. For each eye inside his head

  • 5 pts. If his nose is inside his head

  • 5 pt.s If his mouth is inside his head

  • 5 pts. For each button that's in the middle or bottom section

  • If his arms are connected to his body, 5 points for each one

  • 5 points if his hat is touching his head


You drew a snowman without using your eyes
I'm sure you thought you'd win grand prize!
For the winner I have snowman soup
And the rest of you get snowman poop!


Recipe for snowman soup:         

                                1 packet instant chocolate milk
                                1 candy cane
                                Little bag of marshmallows
Tie it all together with Christmas ribbon


Recipe for snowman "poop":         Bag of little marshmallows



For the Fall version, here's the "pumpkin poop" poem!
-Pumpkin poop is a bag of candy corn.

You've tried your hand at artistry
Without the use of your eyes
And for our lucky winner
I've got a special prize!
I had started to carve a pumpkin
With my carving knife and scoop,
But when he saw your picture
Well, he took a little poop!
It looked so cute and funny
Just like a candy treat
So I'm sharing it with you, now
Because you are so sweet!



This game was submitted by:

Sandra Stevens HSS#19572



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