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Stress Relief from Everyday Family Chaos
by Jennifer Jansky

As a working mom with two young children, I experience first hand the daily struggle to keep it together each day as I run from place to place, shuffling kids around, running errands, doing chores, oh, and yes, working.  I've determined that there are some extremely obvious and basic things that really do work, but somehow they're so obvious that they often fall by the wayside or just get ignored in the daily madness.

Do you find that you are stressed out most of the time?  Stress can leave you with feelings of anxiety and frustration.  Before you take your aggression out on others, find out what you can do to relieve your stress.  Our online medical information can answer all of your questions!  Stress affects us all; don't let it get the best of you!


1. Plan Ahead

Plenty of appointments and activities come up every day.  So, the family calendar's always in a state of flux.  Why not eliminate some of the stress by 'reserving' those essential appointments, can't-miss children's events, and family holidays well in advance?  Color code them in red so you know they can't be moved.  And let the rest of your family know about them ahead of time.  A useful tool to help you is The Busy Woman's Daily Planner.  Easily customize your planning with the types of pages you need including appointment pages, lesson planning pages, menu pages, budget pages, fitness pages, holiday planning sections and more.   For more information go to

2. Thrive on the Fly

Plans change.  Kids get sick.  Groceries are forgotten from the shopping list.   Nothing's worse than spending hours on the phone trying to track down one or all members of the family to tell them what's up or to coordinate who's going to do what when a conflict occurs.  Try out Cozi Central to coordinate your family schedule, shopping and any notes you want to share with other family members.  It keeps important family information in a central place that's accessible to the whole family wherever they are.  The easy-to-use calendar lets you hand off appointments to your spouse with
the click of a button and you can send reminders to them by phone, email or text message.  It's a great tool for busy families and helps them communicate with one another and manage all they need to do throughout the day.  Go to  and you can sign-up for free.  Yes, free!

3. Take Five

Who has time to take a break when there's already too much to get done in the day?  But study after study of the work place shows that taking a break can actually make you more productive and feel less stressed.  The same should

apply for family and household responsibilities, wouldn't you think? So, next time you deny yourself that five minutes for a cup of tea, quick phone call to a friend or, heaven forbid, the luxury of a bath, remember how much more refreshed, productive, and pleasant to be around you'll be with that break.   My favorite quick breaks are taking a short, brisk walk, reading a book to Ben, my three year old, or calling a friend whose emails I haven�t been responding just to touch base.  Try it.  It works!
About Jennifer Jansky:

Jennifer is a working mother of two young children. She lives in Denver, CO and can be reached at

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