Working Outside the Comfort Zone

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Working Outside the Comfort Zone.

 Anyone who owns their own business has, undoubtedly, run into this problem:  that nasty comfort zone.  For some of us, it can literally make or break our business.  Whether your business is web design, virtual assistant, or some type of direct selling- there�s going to come a time when you find yourself stuck-and the reason you�re stuck is because you are now required to step out of that comfort zone.  That being said, how do you get around it?  Or can you get around it?  Unfortunately, you can�t just �get around it�.  But you can find ways to �trick your brain� and get through it.  The good news is that it can be a rather painless process.

I want to point out a few myths associated with our comfort zones.  I think once you realize they are myths, the fear of getting out of our comfort zones will be easier to tackle.

MYTH:  Only people who work in some type of �direct selling� will have problems with their comfort zone.

FACT:  Not true.  No matter what your business is, let�s face it�customers aren�t going to come to you in droves simply because you may have a good product or service.  It�s going to take some selling on your part to bring those customers in.

MYTH:  If I own my own business, I will be able to control how often I have to be out of my comfort zone.

FACT:  No.  The truth is, you may have to come out of your comfort zone even MORE�unless of course you have a lot of $$ for payroll, so you can hire people to do these things for you.  We all know how powerful and advantageous word of mouth can be.  When your business is at the beginning stages, who is going to be your word of mouth?  YOU! 

These things being said, how in the world do you work around this?  Well, as I stated above, there are some ways you can �trick your brain� and get through it. 

#1) DON�T presume the prospect of being outside your comfort zone will lead to something negative.  For example:  A cold call.  YIKES!!  Those three words alone are enough to take me out of my comfort zone.  The majority of us assume that because it�s a �cold call�, we are certain to get a flat-out �NO�.  Think about it.  You�re calling that person for a reason.  You just might have something they might need.   For instance, let�s say I�m a virtual assistant.  I just heard there was a new lawyer in town that doesn�t have a secretary.  So, without presuming anything, I take a deep breath and pick up the phone.  It turned out he/she was just working on a classified ad to hire a secretary, but since you called, he/she has reconsidered and thinks your service may be just the ticket!  In fact, that new lawyer didn�t even know there was such a service in town.  Bingo!  You�re in.


#2) How many times when you were working for someone else (or maybe still are), did your boss assign you to do something which took you out of your comfort zone? Probably a lot. But you did it anyway.  Why?  Because it was your job and you didn�t want to jeopardize losing it.  Are you really willing to jeopardize your OWN business?

#3) How many times in our everyday lives have we stepped out of our comfort zone-without even questioning it? When you had your first baby--that was definitely something you weren't used to. How about meeting your ex-husband's new wife? HA! I'm sure THAT was definitely out of your comfort zone! OR, how about when you had to peddle your children's fundraisers to your friends and co-workers? Were you afraid they say no? Probably did it because it was for a good cause.

Well, isn't your business a good cause? Aren't the majority of us working at home, or trying to work at home, doing this because our family comes first? Well, that's a mighty good cause!

My point is this: Don't let the fear of getting out of your comfort zone hinder you from doing what you need to do! Take things one step at a time.  Soon you�ll discover that going outside the comfort zone is nothing more than a stroll in the park.



Sharon Noggle

Independent Designer

Home and Garden Party


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