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By Tami Crea
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It's every parent's nightmare -- your child is missing. In today's world, the panic feeling these words bring can shadow even the sunniest day. The best defense for any parent, is education and information.

Here are 5 simple ways to help keep your young child safe.

1. Teach your children their personal information.

As soon as your child can talk, start teaching them to repeat their name, address and telephone number. This should also be one of the first pieces of information you work on with writing. Don't forget 911. Even very young children can learn to dial 911 and tell the operator who they are and where they are.

2. Talk about "strangers" with your child.

The concept of a stranger is a tough one for young children to understand and you don't want your child to be scared of ever going outdoors. Teach your child to keep a circle of space between themselves and any adult that approaches them (unless they know the adult well). Tell them if someone comes up to them and asks them a question, they should step back, away from that person and then walk quickly away. Explain that strangers are just people that they don't know. Tell them that most people are not bad and that strangers don't look funny, but all people, children and adults alike, need to be careful around people they don't know.

3. Teach your child what to do if someone grabs a hold of them.

They should scream, kick bite and yell. Tell them to create as much noise as possible, so people hear them and respond. Teach them to yell "You're not my daddy (or mommy)--Someone help me." rather than just to yell "no" or "I don't want to go." But explain how important something like this is, and that they can't do this with you in the grocery store--not even one time.

4. Role Play.

Children are very easily distracted. It may be helpful to role play with your child so they can remember what to do. You pretend to be a stranger. Ask your child if they would like to go with you to get candy or to see a new puppy. Teach your child to step back, say "no" firmly and to walk quickly away. Be very matter of fact during this game. One of the best ways to "stranger proof" your child is to build their confidence in themselves--not to scare them.

5. Have a family password.

Establish a family password that everybody remembers. This can be something as simple as the name of a family pet or your child's favorite food. Tell your child to never get in a car with any person unless that person knows the password. Role play until your child is comfortable and understands this. Say, "What would you say if someone pulls up to where you are playing and says, 'Quick, get in the car. Your mommy was hurt and I'll take you to her.'?" You child should answer, "I'd say, 'What's the password?' If they don't know the password, I would run away to a safe place and yell NO very loudly!"

Keeping your child safe is important to every parent. By working with them, guiding them and teaching them to trust in themselves, you are providing them with tools they will use throughout their entire lives.


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